USAA Accounts Download Duplicate transactions on Quicken for MAC

Is anyone else having a recent issue with Quicken downloading transactions that have already been downloaded from USAA Credit Card Accounts. I have had this problem on some transactions from USAA since the "security update" at USAA. Some transactions, including some that were previously matched by Quicken are being downloaded a second time. I obviously am required to delete these duplicates


  • hbaulisch
    hbaulisch Member ✭✭
    When updating the USAA Credit Card, transactions are being duplicated.
  • TomSHEB
    TomSHEB Member ✭✭
    Yes, having the same duplicate transaction issue with credit card account.
  • mailbuoy
    mailbuoy Member
    I am experiencing the same.
  • also the same problem
  • Same here
  • Same here, but on Windows Desktop 2020
  • 671DCA
    671DCA Member ✭✭
    OK Quicken, what's being done to address this issue.
  • dond4321
    dond4321 Member ✭✭
    Yes, both in my USAA credit card and checking account there are duplicate transactions being downloaded almost every day!! Pain in the rear to have to keep deleting them. Please get fixed. Also please fix the mobile & web connection to USAA as it is still not working.
  • Quicken_Tyka
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    edited February 2021
    Hello all,

    Thank you for taking the time to visit the Community to report this issue.

    If you have not done so already, please go to Help > Report a problem in Quicken and submit your log files with the subject “USAA Duplicate Transactions” – we will use this information to identify the issue to USAA so it can be fixed.

    Thank you,
    -Quicken Tyka
  • jburger01
    jburger01 Member ✭✭
    I am having the same issue:

    Version: Quicken Windows 2020
    It started after the USAA "Security update"
    Its impacting credit card accounts for sure. I do NOT seem to be seeing it on checking or savings accounts.

    I have submitted my "trouble ticket" per above instructions.
  • Harold-Jr
    Harold-Jr Windows Beta Beta
    Same here. I will also submit a ticket.

  • compumonk
    compumonk Member ✭✭
    Same here
  • Doug G.
    Doug G. Member ✭✭
    Same dupl transaction issue for several weeks now...ever since the security update problem caused by USAA Fed. Savings Bank. Starting to get REALLY tired of this!

    Following the guidance of one of the Quicken folks, I added the "Transaction ID" to my credit card account register and verified that the duplicates being downloaded are coming in with a different ID than they did the first time. I think this indicates it is a USAA problem, not a Quicken problem. Called USAA and they made a work ticket out of it 2 weeks ago. Haven't heard back. Really shabby, if you ask me.
  • SGK
    SGK Member ✭✭
    March 2, 2021 still happening
  • 671DCA
    671DCA Member ✭✭
    I agree with Doug G's comment/assessment above. My duplicate transaction downloads are being driven by DIFFERENT Transaction Numbers (FITID)as well. We all need to get on the phone with USAA technical support and tell them to fix their FITID problem
  • SGK
    SGK Member ✭✭
    yes - it is still happening on every transaction as of March 3. I think it may be time to get another Visa and use it. Trying to reconcile transactions is really a pain.
  • 671DCA
    671DCA Member ✭✭
    I did call USAA and I filed a new ticket against this problem. I intend to contact them each time duplicates arrive. Maybe they will get tired of hearing from us and correct the problem
  • graybooks
    graybooks Member
    Today, March 5, I filed a ticket with USAA on this. Ticket # INC5595472. Rep said the would ne working "diligently" on the issue.
  • km
    km Member ✭✭

    I tried multiple times to Help > Report a problem in Quicken as requested by Quicken Tyka, but after a minute or so, I always get the following message:

    An unexpected error occurred while sending your feedback report.

    There is nothing wrong with my internet connection. I have high-speed. I'm using macOS 11.2.2, Quicken Version 6.1.1 (Build 601.37924.100)

    Perhaps this is because I checked the box to sanitize data???

    How can I help if I can't report the problem?

    March 6 and I am still getting duplicate transactions on my USAA credit card.

  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    @km A Quicken engineer has recently tracked down that this occurs if you have deleted the Quicken Cloud dataset (Cloud Account) associated with your data file. Go to Preferences > Connected Services and see if the Cloud Account nickname is blank. If so, that's the bug which has been identified, and is slated to be be fixed in a future update.

    I believe if you click Reset, it will generate a new Quicken Cloud dataset for you -- note that every Quicken data file has a corresponding Cloud account, even if you do not use Sync services to store your transactions in the cloud -- and after that you will be able to submit your problem report. (Please post back here if you do this to let us know if it works.)
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  • km
    km Member ✭✭
    @jacobs I checked the Cloud Account Nickname in my preferences. It was not blank. When I clicked on "See all Cloud accounts" I noticed there were 3 other older files, so I deleted them since they are no longer being used. I then clicked the Reset button on the active file. Following all of this, I tried to send another "sanitized" report and got the same error after a couple of minutes:

    "An unexpected error occurred while sending your feedback report."

    I don't know if this matters, but I do not use Mobile & Web. Under that tab, the Sync slider is turned off.

    March 9th and I got duplicate transactions again this morning.
  • Chris_QPW
    Chris_QPW Member ✭✭✭✭
    Note duplicate transactions from USAA is just one of the known problems with the data that USAA is sending.  Only they can fix the problem.  There isn't anything wrong with Quicken.  Note I'm a Windows user, and have the same reports on the Windows side and it is easy to look at the OFX data and see that USAA is sending the same transactions twice with different unique Ids.  In fact you can just turn on the Downloaded ID column and see the same.
    This is my website:
  • km
    km Member ✭✭
    @Chris_QPW I realize the duplicate transaction problem lies with USAA, but there is an additional bug in Quicken of being able to send a feedback report. I suspect it is because I chose to sanitize the report. This morning, I tried again with 2 differences: 1) I quit Quicken after downloading my transactions and restarted, 2) I did not sanitize the report. I did not have an error this time. There was no feedback that the report was sent, but I assume it went since there was no error. However, that will be the last time I share an unsanitized report to help Quicken. I didn't feel comfortable doing it. I hope someone from Quicken takes note of this, even though I 've strayed from the OP's duplicate transaction problem. I'm too busy to create another thread on this.
  • SGK
    SGK Member ✭✭
    today is March 23. The issue continues. I suggest that if it bothers you get another Visa or MC. I have stopped using USAA as of this morning. People here have told them the problem exists and it seems they are unwilling or unable to fix it.
  • DACQuicken
    DACQuicken Member
    Looks like USAA isn't interested in customer service anymore. Ever since leadership of USAA went from former military personnel to "business" people customer service and quality in general have gone in the dumper. The February "Security Update" has screwed up account #'s, transaction monitoring, login efficiency and a bunch of other issues. Evidently this is what happens when you use the "low bidder" for software and IT services. SGK has it right, time to look for someone interested in service and performance and not just the bottom line.
  • billeye10
    billeye10 Member ✭✭✭
    To Quicken Support- What progress is being made with resolving USAA Duplicate Transaction Issue? As of 5/10/2021 this is still occurring in my USAA VISA register. Quicken Deluxe MAC build 6.1.1. MacOS 11.3.1
  • Harold-Jr
    Harold-Jr Windows Beta Beta
    To echo billeye10, it is still happening in the Windows subscription version.
  • Sooner0n0TX
    Sooner0n0TX Member ✭✭
    I've stopped using my USAA credit cards because of this problem.
  • jburger01
    jburger01 Member ✭✭
    Still happening to me as well. Unfortunately, this is the new standard of service for USAA. I have been with them for over 30 years, and its probably time to look at other options. Too bad.
  • 308Tom
    308Tom Member ✭✭
    Still happening for me with USAA Visa card downloads. On second download of the same transaction a new Downloaded Reference ID number is assigned and it looks like a new entry. On the third and subsequent downloads use the SECOND downloaded Reference ID number and all is well from there on. In each case I must delete the first download transaction to correct (and balance) the register. How to solve? Win10 all patches, Quicken Premier - all patches installed.
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