CTRL F or right click and select Find has changed?

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Why has this changed? when I used to go thru my register and find something I want to search I would right click and select f=Find (or Ctrl F) and it would pre-fill that information into the Find search box for me. now my system does not pre-fill and it requires me to type what I want to find in the field? why has this changed? or how do I fix this to pre-fill for me?


  • Chris_QPW
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    See this thread:

    You can vote on the idea by selecting the triangle icon under the number in the top post.
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  • mooney6984
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    I find it very difficult to believe that a programmer would take away a function (current field find function) just because it felt good to him or her. I can see adding a choice but taking away a function that has been available for many years is programmer arrogance at its worst.. Your customers should decide functionality. Put the current field function back or give a choice,,,,,, and ask yourself why you decided to delete it in the first place. You won't have a good answer.
  • Rocket J Squirrel
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    This has been remedied in R32.10.

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  • Jim Ryan
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    Thanks, @Rocket J Squirrel. I noticed the following about this in the Release Notes for R32.10:

    [Improved: Improved CTRL+F search by adding a register preference to choose a default of either Any Field or Currently Selected Field. This preference will be maintained for subsequent searches.]

    Unfortunately, I didn't find it obvious how to set this preference. I first looked in the Edit --> Preferences menu, examined all options, but found nothing related.

    Luckily, when I tried CTRL+F while in my Checking register, I saw a check-box for "Find in 'Any Field' by default" and realized this is what the Release Notes meant by the words "...by adding a register preference".

    Un-checking that toggle makes CTRL+F pre-load the current settings associated with the current location of your cursor within the register (providing the behavior desired by many people, including myself).
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