Can I have mutual fund accounts in "Starter" version of Quicken?

I use Deluxe QWIN (and have for decades). I do not need most of its capabilities and am considering "Starter" at this year's renewal. Can I still have Mutual Fund accounts in Starter and will their value be updated when I do 1-Step Update? (The chart on the website seems to say "no" although that surprises me.). Thanks much,


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    Not available in Starter edition. 
    Quicken Starter is essentially a trimmed-down version of the Premier plan, but none of the investment and tax planning features that come at an extra cost in other plans. 
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    Hi @tweaver1,

    My understanding is that the Starter edition does not have the capability to track investments - including Mutual Funds.  That ability is only available in Deluxe and higher versions.


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    Starter only does Cash, Credit, Saving and Checking accounts.  No Loan, Liability, Asset or Investment accounts.

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    They call it Starter for a reason.  It is meant for someone just starting their financial life and as such wouldn't yet have investments (Note before "Quicken Subscription" it was called "Checkbook", which more accurately described what it supported).

    The Starter version has tons of restrictions and quirks in it and even if it had investment accounts it would probably be a bad choice, especially when you consider the difference in price between the two especially at retailers like Staples and Office Depot.

    Note the answer is a bit different for people using the Canadian version, just because of its "history",
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    Thanks to each of you for your feedback and help. Very clearly, I will stay with Deluxe. And....I found a much better price-point at Office Depot. (Unfortunately, $52 per year is too "rich" for me, so it was wonderful to find a better value.) Thanks again,
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