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Will B.
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There are various other applications in today's world that provide the means for end users to suggest or request specific issues be worked on. In other words, allowing end users a voice in prioritizing bugs via their popularity or interest.

Does Quicken provide any means to allow it's users, as a whole, vote for or otherwise suggest Quicken look into specific issues?

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  • Chris_QPW
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    For "bugs" there isn't anyone that I know of (of course filling up a thread from lots of people does let them know).  But for "feature requests" if you create a topic with "Idea" there will be a voting button at the top of that.  And that is how they take suggestions and get feedback on how many people want the feature.

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    There IS, already such a system.  It's called VOTING on the various idea threads.  The more votes that an idea (which could be a bug fix) gets, the more interest it gets from developers.
    NOTE, however, that some issues CAN'T be fixed by Q, as they're caused by and can only be fixed by the various Financial Institutions.
    BOTH of your references (why didn't you provide actual links) concern CapOne ... and are examples of my point.

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    NotACPA said:
    (why didn't you provide actual links)
    He's new to the forum and does not yet have that privilege.

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  • Will B.
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    I dislike that Quicken relies on the community to provide answers like these. In this case because I do not expect to be spoken to so rudely by an Intuit employee for asking a question that could benefit the product.

    That being said: thank you Chris and Rocket for an explanation of forum functionality.

    It would seem I may not have the ability to vote on topics either or, more likely, the individual who created the original post--that I woefully did not create a hyperlink for--did not create it as an "Idea".
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    1. Intuit doesn't own Quicken, they sold it years ago.  The new company is called Quicken Inc.
    2. The software they are using has some limitations, so not all of this under their control.
    3. If an topic is created as a "Question" that should have been an Idea.  You can ask it to be changed to an Idea.
    4. There is a section/category for Ideas: you are more likely to see Idea topics there, and if so there will be a button at the top of them to vote on them.
    5. You can use the Flag -> Other on a comment to get the attention of a moderator for things like changing a topic to an Idea.
    6. You should read this announcement on adding a post:
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