Noise/Music interference to the tutorial prevents listening what is said

I was trying to listen to the video you of You tube tutorial there was loud background sound/ music that prevents hearing and understanding the tutorial I just signed up today if this can not be resolved I will cancel and ask for refund


  • Tom Young
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    This is, in the main, a user to user forum so nobody here has the power to "resolve" anything over at YouTube.  But there are Quicken employees that monitor this forum and will attempt to help where users can't.  But it seems like mentioning the name of the YouTube tutorial would be helpful.
  • alex1933
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    It does not matter which one all videos produced by Quicken contain music that distracts. Supposedly it is produced to educate people that want to learn new stuff . No one can learn stuff that is presented verbally if he can not concentrate. Any noise even if its music distracts and interferes with concentration. I am octogenarian using hearing aid. When I was young I did not need hearing aid and I could follow person talking even if it is in a noisy environment when several people talking simultaneously.
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    If you're unwilling to name EVEN ONE such video ... there's no way that anyone can look into the matter.
    Right now, this thread is in the same general category as a "drive by shooting".
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  • Chris_QPW
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    Note the videos that start from inside of Quicken from this button on the Home tab:

    Have background music.
    This is my website:
  • alex1933
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    These are 2 files that have quite loud music interference.
    Following my complain Quicken support sent me the following link
    The URL of the first file that I opened was
    Its title was "Quicken for Windows - Getting to know Quicken for Windows" A male voice started describing the main section and features of Quicken. For whatever reason his presentation was accompanied by a background music not as loud as in the You tube videos but never the less loud enough to interfere with trying to concentrate on the presentation. Since the presentation consist of speech not singing the music definitely does not help in following the presentation. It is clear to me that the music has not got onto the soundtrack of the video accidentally I would suggest reconsider the reason for including it in the video preferably remove it completely.
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