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When including transfers, reports include transfers even though they don't match the category

I want to do reports that show me a summary of transactions that belong to a specific list of categories. Unfortunately, when I tell a report to include transfers, it includes *all* transfers regardless of the category of the transfer. Is there a way to have the transaction filter apply to all transactions including transfers?


  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    Transfers don't have categories. Well, technically they shouldn't, although if you enter things in a specific order in Quicken Mac, you can create a transaction which has both a category and a transfer. But this is really a violation of accounting rules. Quicken originally allowed it because in prior years Quicken Mac couldn't show transfers in reports. The product manager has said they are working to entirely remove categories on transfers moving forward. (I have no idea how they'll deal with existing transactions like that which users have created.)

    So, that said, you're trying to do something Quicken can't do, because it's really a loophole in the first place. When you tell it to include all transfers or include transfer with accounts outside the report, it's going to include all such transfers, irrespective of the category(ies) you have selected. Interestingly, I found that if you try do do the same thing by limiting to only some Payee or Payees, Quicken does search for the selected Payee(s), and includes only the transfers involving those Payees. But it doesn't work with Categories, at least in any testing I did.

    I think your only alternative is to generate the report, export it to a CSV file, and then delete the transfers you don't want.
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