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Amazon for example has $13.10 every month, I categorize as Dues & Subs. Amazon also has purchases of this and that with a variety of categories. Can the QuickFill rule look at the vendor AND the amount for the category? Marie


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    Thank you for reaching out to the Community with your question.

    For instructions on creating, editing, and saving QuickFill Rules, please refer to this Help Article and this support article.

    I hope this helps!

    -Quicken Anja
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    @Lilykn  To answer your question, no, QuickFill rules are based solely on the Payee. You can have multiple QuickFill rules for a Payee, and you can designate one to be used automatically when there are multiple rules for a Payee. (So you could make this recurring Amazon charge a QuickFill rule, lock it, and make it the default rule for Amazon. But you'd need to edit your other Amazon transactions to have the proper category.)

    There have been requests for rules which incorporate an account (e.g. use one rule if Payee X has a transaction in one credit card, and a different rule if Payee X haas a transaction in a different credit card), but the developers have said they don't plan to implement it because of the complexity involved. Other users want to be able to combine other criteria, such as price, but implementing price-based criteria can also get complex -- is it just matching a specific price? A price greater than or less than a certain amount? A price range? I think the developers are reluctant to add functionality which could be helpful to some but make the interface too complex/confusing for others.

    That said, you could create a new Idea post requesting this functionality (I couldn't find an existing one); if other users agree with the need for the idea, it could get pushed to to developers for consideration.
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    @Lilykn If you look at your QFX file you may see that certain Amazon transactions, such as Amazon Music or Prime memberships, have a different name from other types of Amazon purchases, in which case you can use a renaming rule in Quicken to assign a different payee name for those particular transactions.

    For example, if Prime membership charges show up in your QFX file as " Prime Member" vs. purchases showing up as "*xxxxxxxxx", you can create a renaming rule in Quicken to look for the tags "Amazon", "com", "Prime", "Member" in the statement name and then Set payee name to something like Amazon Prime Membership - you'll have to add the payee name first if it doesn't already exist. There's also a checkbox to apply the renaming rule to existing transactions and you'll get a preview to ensure it's working as you want. From there you can create your Quickfill rule to categorize based on that new payee name.

    This may give you a little more granularity when trying to categorize expenditures from places like Amazon, Walmart etc.
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