what is status of Zillow not working in Quicken?

Zillow stopped updating values for some Quicken property accounts after working earlier. . the Zillow estimate bar continues to show in the transaction register of the affected account, but when a value update is requested from Zillow, the message returned in the transaction register popup is that Zillow has no estimate for this property. An estimate for the property is however available when going to Zillow directly and searching for that property. Account details for the affected account no longer show Zillow as a function even though the transaction bar still shows in the transaction register. . I created a new property account in Quicken, and used that account to rquest a value from Zillow for the property for which no estimate was said to be available, and was able to obtain a Zillow estimate for that property. So the technical issue is account specific. The affected account has many transactions so cannot simply be replaced with a new property account. File validation does not discover the problem.
I am using Quicken R32.12, Build, on Windows 10

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    What Q product are you running? Have you recently changed which Q product you're running?
    Because, I checked just now, and Zillow is working correctly for me.

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    Given that you have been able to get another account to update, I suggest you uses this procedure to move the transactions from the old account to the new one.
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