Creating Sub Accounts for Receivable (Q Win Canada)



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    Even though I respectfully disagree with your comments on whether or not sub-accounts should have been part of the initial development of the Quicken program, I sincerely appreciate your help and suggestions for the workaround. As previously mentioned, despite being a MacBook user, I'm using the windows version on a virtual machine because:

    1. I have been using the windows version since 1996 (25 years); and
    2. I read reviews that the Mac version is not as comprehensive as the windows version (a weak version).

    So despite the issues that I may have with Quicken (the aforementioned inability to create sub-accounts and the inability to download the Canadian dollar equivalent of foreign-denominated stock prices), I continue to use the program because I'm locked into Quicken (did I mention I have been a user for 25 years?) and also because some of my financial institutions only allow downloads to Quicken.

    Thanks again for all your help.
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    The Quicken Mac "rewrite" is an example of how people way under estimate how many features there are in a product like Quicken, and how long it takes to recreate them.  It is also an example that unlike some people think just because you start again with an example of what such a product might look like, you will still make mistakes along the way.  Some will be minor, others will hunt you for a very long time, if not forever.

    In some ways Quicken Mac is and will be better than Quicken Windows (and the old Quicken Mac 2007) at doing some things, but it already has its warts and problems and of course it has a long ways to go before it will have the feature set of say Quicken Windows Deluxe.
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    Accounting systems basically "earmark" transactions so they can be gathered together in a fashion that's meaningful to you.  So in one sense "Tags" are only an extension of that earmarking concept beyond Account/Category/Subcategory but they do have the utility of expanding your chart of accounts without actually creating more lines in that chart; you can simply add a Tag to any Account/Category/SubCategory combination.
    The problem with Tags is that there not well controlled by the program so you can forget to use them or use the "wrong" Tag on a transaction and the program doesn't squawk.  I know the H and B product uses Tags and I'd hope Tags are better controlled with that version.
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    Tom Young said:
     I know the H and B product uses Tags and I'd hope Tags are better controlled with that version.
    I have only played with Home & Business a couple of times, but what I saw tags are used for businesses sort of behind the back, where you create a business and it creates the tag.  And in that sense they are "better controlled" for that purpose (same goes for rental properties).  But in every other context there isn't any difference for the tags than is in the Deluxe and Premier edition.  Note that tags in reports are not available in the Starter edition.
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    I want to second the need for Sub-Accounts!!
    I have a similar issue of trying to track Student Loans in which the Loan Service institution tracks each loan separately yet they only have one main loan that they accept the payment for trying to set this up in Quicken is a nightmare and causes a lot of Manual intervention that wouldn't have to occur if we had Sub-accounts
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