Fidelity IRA Downloads Incorrect Balance

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  • Ed Kellogg
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    Quicken R32.12 build Windows 10 Enterprise. One of my fidelity IRAs is downloading a balance of only about 1/2 what it shows on the Fidelity website. I tried resetting the account in Quicken. I tried deactivating and reactivating and it finds my two other IRAs but it doesn't find the problem account.
  • Boatnmaniac
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    Please clarify the issue you are having.  You said it is downloading only 1/2 of your online balance but then you said your account is not being found by Quicken during reactivation.
    Also, when you deactivated/reactivated your accounts did you deactivate/reactivate all of your Fidelity accounts or just the one account you are having issues with?  And which reactivation method did you use...Add Account or Set up Now?

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  • NotACPA
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    And, 1/2 of the number of shares?  Or 1/2 of the total $?
    Have you verified that the quote for each position that you hold is correct in Q?
    Have you verified that the number of shares/units that you hold is correct in Q?
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