How does it happen that a "Downloaded Payee" shows the wrong actual Payee?

:( I have downloaded credit card transactions and learned that the "Downloaded Payee" is an entirely different company that the one shown on the credit card statement. I have downloaded the transactions for specific dates in an effort to correct the data, but nothing changes. I do not seem to be able to edit the "Downloaded Payee" to make it correct. What is going on here?


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    Q itself NEVER changes that "Downloaded Payee" field.  So, let's dig into this a bit.
    What Q product are you running, and what BUILD of that product?  This info can be found at HELP, About Quicken.
    Next, what download method do you use for this card?  Do TOOLS, Account List and look in the "Transactions Download" column adjacent to the account for this info.
    Also, note that Payee and Downloaded Payee are not the same thing, although they frequently have the same value. The Payee field can be altered by you inputting the transaction before the download OR by Renaming Rules.
    Lastly, do HELP, Log Files and click OFX Log.  Save this file to your Desktop and open it with NotePad or WordPad (NOT MS Word).  From the top of the file, do a search for the company name.  What did you find?
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    I hope the information below provides clues. BurtL

    What Q product are you running:
    Quicken Home, Business and Rental Property Version R33.24 Build:

    What download method do you use for this card?
    Transaction Download: Direct Connect

    What did you find in the OFXLog?
    PDF Statement Data
    Date Amount PDF Statement Payee OFXLog.txt Saved 2021-06-29 Four Examples Quicken Display-Downloaded Payee
    20210526 $38.61 TMX*Terminix Intl 800-8376464 TN <STMTTRN> I Deleted transaction showing "Dallas Morning News"
    <TRNTYPE>DEBIT Selected credit card transaction online showing "Terminix . . ."
    <DTPOSTED>20210526180000.000 Export would not load into Quicken

    20210426 $38.61 TMX*Terminix Intl 800-8376464 TN <STMTTRN> Dallas Morning News Pa 800-925-1
    <TRNTYPE>DEBIT {Both Downloaded Payee and Payee}

    20210326 $38.61 TMX*Terminix Intl 800-8376464 TN <STMTTRN> Dallas Morning News Pa 800-925-1
    <TRNTYPE>DEBIT {Both Downloaded Payee and Payee}

    20210602 $163.46 TMX*Terminix Intl 800-8376464 TN <STMTTRN> TMX*Terminix Intl 800-83764
    <DTPOSTED>20210602180000.000 Payee
    <TRNAMT>-163.46 SVM*Terminix Intl 800-83764
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    You can't delete transactions in your register and then reimport them.
    Quicken records the FITID field of every transaction that you import and will block the import as a duplicate if it sees the same one again.  If you have a QFX file with the transactions in it you can change the FITID (add something to the end of it) to get it to import again.

    And as @Sherlock suggested you need to check your renaming rules because it looks you have one for "Dallas Morning News" that is matching the "TERMINIX INTL" payee (<NAME>) in these transactions when it shouldn't.
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