How to Guides ?? (Quicken MAC for Dummies)

I recently switched from Quicken Windows to Quicken MAC. Either the MAC version(s) lack a lot of the Windows features, or I just can't seem to find them. Two questions;

- Can anyone recommend a good primer/how to manual (i.e., Quicken MAC for Dummies)?

- Is there a place in Q for MAC where I can store web site address (URLs) for my financial institutions and payees? Something akin to an address book.


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    @Ricardo5000  Yes, there's definitely a learning curve, and no, unfortunately, there's no single resource which is a comprehensive guide to Quicken Mac. That said, there are lots of resources available... but they're scattered.
    1. Quicken has some video tutorials which you can find at: Scroll down to find the section which pertains to Quicken Mac.
    2. Quicken has a page on their website called The Complete Guide to Getting Started with Quicken Mac. It's from a few years ago, but the information is still fundamentally accurate. It's hardly a complete user manual, but it's a start:
    3. Here's another page on the Quicken website which offers, on the right side, several links to information about getting started with Quicken Mac:
    4. Quicken Support has some how-to articles at 
    5. It's not a complete user manual, but the Help built into Quicken Mac has a lot of good and useful information. Access int from within Quicken by going to Help > Quicken Help, or since it is all online now, by visiting
    6. Better in many ways than the short Quicken videos are some videos made by a fellow Quicken Mac user back when Quickness's Mac was new in 2015. Although a number of changes have been made to the user interface and operations over the past 6 years, they remain one of the best introductions to Quicken Mac. The core of how to set up accounts, create and edit entries, use search and report, is mostly unchanged, even though the look of some things has been tweaked a bit over time. I think anyone who watches all these videos can jump into using Quicken Mac with a decent idea how things work:
    7. You can contact Quicken Support directly via chat or phone, 8 am - 8 pm Eastern time 7 days a week (phone support is not available on the weekends).
    8. Quicken has a "1-2-3" service the offer for new users, and I believe that if you've switched from Windows to Mac, you qualify. You sign up for a time slot of your choosing for a one-hour one-on-one phone support session designed to help you getting familiarized with the program, learn how to utilize it to fit your needs, and answer any questions you have. To set up an appointment, click here to select a time slot.
    9. Of course, you can ask questions here on this Community Forum. Actually, search first, because you may find the question you have has been asked and answered already.
    Hope that helps! It will take some time to learn how to do things slightly differently than you're used to in Quicken Mac, and to retrain your hand/eye/brain coordination for things you were used to doing which now are different. But stick with it, and you'll find most of the functionality you were used to, and your speed will pick up as using Quicken Mac becomes more second-nature.
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    Oh, for your second question: no there is noting akin to an address book in Quicken Mac. But, you could open a Payee (Window > Payees & Rules) and use the Description field to record a URL or other note about a Payee; another alternative is to record web URLs in the memo field of a transaction for a Payee.

    Similarly, for an account, click Settings and use the Notes field for the account to record a URL or other information.
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    Hello @Ricardo5000

    Thank you for reaching out to Quicken Community. I apologize for the confusion(s). There are certain features that will only be available in Quicken for Windows. Unfortunately, the address book is one of those features unique to Quicken for Windows. 

    In regards to a how-to manual, we do have a getting started guide. You can find the guide by selecting Help >Getting Started Guide.
    If you ever have any questions or concerns you can always reach out to Quicken Community or contact Customer Support

    -Quicken Paloma 
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