Quicken freezes up and locks up.... Its almost useless at this point

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Quicken freezes up and locks up.... Its almost useless at this point. HELP


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    Would you leave more details so someone can know how to respond?  Like:
    • Which edition and version of Quicken are you using and when does your subscription expire?  (This information can be obtained from Help > About Quicken.
    • Exactly what are you doing or trying to do when this happens? 
    • Are you getting any error messages? 
    • How long has this been happening? 
    • Did it start happening right after updating the software? 
    • Do you use the Mobile and/or Web features?
    • Is Sync turned On or Off?  (Edit > Preferences > Mobile and Web > Sync = ?)
    • What trouble shooting steps have you tried? 
    • Have you tried contacting Quicken Support and, if so, what did they say?
    Without more information I think no one is going to be able to offer any assistance on this issue.

    (Quicken Classic Premier Subscription: R52.33 on Windows 11)

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    I have the same problem. Only option is to go to Task Manager and kill Quicken, and try again.

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. perform one step update

    2. Click on an investment account to process downloaded transactions - note: I use a separate cash account for all investment accounts.

    3. After processing the investments, the window "switches" to the cash account to reconcile it. During this step the main quick window is "disabled" and cannot be selected.

    4. Once the cash account is reconciled, it automatically closes, but the main window is locked and disabled. There is no apparent way to re-enable it.

    5. Kill quicken in task manager. Rinse and repeat and cross fingers it doesn't happen again.

    How long has this been going on? For months. It has gotten worse over time, and today I had to kill quicken 3 times, as I had downloaded transactions in 3 separate investment accounts/connections.

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    Crashes or repeatedly killing Quicken while it's in the process of writing transaction updates may damage the data file and render it useless, beyond repair.
    Please perform all the steps in this document in the order specified, even if you have done some of them before:
    Advanced Data File Troubleshooting to Correct Problems With Quicken for Windows

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    Maybe you should re-read what I posted.

    IT LOCKS UP. There is nothing that can can done, other than kill it using task manager. I have waited over 1 hour previously. IT IS LEFT IN AN UNUSABLE STATE where you CANNOT interact with it. it happens every time following investment downloads and they are "Accepted". The MAIN WINDOW is greyed out (disabled); clicking on it has no effect - because it is disabled!!

    The task manager/resource manager shows NO ACTIVITY with the application - memory, cpu, network and disk processing are 0.

    BTW, I am a software developer/manager. It appears to be that user control is not being returned to the main window and it is being left in a SUSPEND state.
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    If you haven't done so already, I'd say it's time to call Quicken Support on the phone and request help.  Let them do a screen share session with you to review the situation on your computer, to determine the nature of the problem and to figure out how to fix it.

    Quicken Support:

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