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Hi, how do I run a reconciliation report for a previous month? When I go to reports > banking > reconciliation, it only allows me to run the most current reconciliation.


  • jacobs
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    There is no printed reconciliation report in Quicken Mac.

    But you can open a previous reconciliation by going to Accounts > Reconciliation History. This will show prior reconciliations for this account, and you can click on any one and select Re-Reconcile to open that month's reconciliation. (You don't need to change anything in the reconciliation; you can just view it.)

    You can't print this screen, but often just viewing a prior month is all you may need. If you really need to print it, the closest you can come is to drag this window to the full height of your Macs's screen, take a screen shot, scroll down a page if there are more transactions, take a second screen shot, and repeat if there are more screens of transactions.
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  • Lakegal
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    :0( This is not a great solution. I need to show my accountant I have reconciled the accounts for tax purposes. Quicken should provide the capability to have a pdf report.
  • jacobs
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    @LakegalI didn't say this was a great solution, only that using the available tools, one can generally find a way to get what you need for accounting documentation. ;)

    For instance, capturing screen shots is not elegant, but it's functional. If your accountant requires a PDF, open the screenshots in Preview and do File > Save as PDF. If you have multiple screen shots per month, one you've created PDFs, you can drag them together in Preview's left sidebar to make several PDFs into one for sending to an accountant. That's not as simple as printing a report to a PDF, but it gets the job done.

    Another possible option if you need such a report for tax purposes, is to use a register report: set the date filters for the register to include the earliest unreconciled transaction from the prior period, through the end of the period. Make sure the CLR column is visible in the register, so you can see the green checkmarks on reconciled transactions. You can print this as a report, or export it to a spreadsheet if you want to sum the unreconciled items during the time period.

    Finally, there is an Idea thread on this forum requesting the addition of a printed reconciliation report. Take a few seconds to visit that thread and add your vote in favor of this feature (click the little black arrow under the vote counter in the yellow box). That won't provide immediate help, but the more votes ideas like this get, the more likely the enhancement is to rise up the developers' priority list. 
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  • klr4259
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    its time to have a reconcilation report...when my subscription runs out on Quicken, I am buying a different bookkeeping program. This is insane.
  • I agree its time for a reconciliation report showing cleared and uncleared transactions.....
  • jacobs
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    @treasureribic and @klr4259 Don't just post here that you want this feature. The developers will not see these comments. Please go to this thread and add your VOTE for this feature (click the black arrow in the yellow box beneath the first post). Higher vote totals can help push one feature request above others on the developers' priority list.
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    I never understand those that clamor for a reconciliation report...or that "accountant's are asking for one".  

    First off, your Quicken data file isn't a legal document.  You can put whatever you want with any amount in it.  You can manually change transactions to "cleared" or "Reconciled" status without a lot of finagling if you wanted to lie or cheat.

    Any accountant who thinks that just because you entered a bunch of payees, numbers and transactions into ANY software (Quicken, a spreadsheet, whatever) is an actual accounting isn't much of an accountant.

    That being said, supplying your bank and credit card statements, along with any supporting tax documents IN ADDITION to your Quicken reports would verify your tax positions.  

    I see no benefit whatsoever in a "reconciliation report".  And after owning my own business for 36 years, my accountant NEVER asked for one.  
  • jacobs
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    @garysmith87 In business bookkeeping, I agree, no accountant ever asked me for a report showing transactions which had been reconciled. I did need a list of outstanding transactions in order to reconcile the books to the bank balance. I suppose this is a version of a reconciliation report -- and one that it's easy to generate in Quicken Mac. 

    I think many people clamor for a reconciliation report out of force of habit: they always did it this way, and want the security of the paperwork. In older versions of Quicken Mac or Quicken Windows, it was probably a good backup to have in case of any corruption in the database. But modern Quicken Mac doesn't suffer corruption in the industrial database it uses.

    More importantly, the developers built a pretty robust Reconciliation History feature about a year ago. If anything changes after a reconciliation — a transaction amount is changed, a transaction is deleted — whether due to user error or Quicken error, the Reconciliation History screen shows you exactly what has changed and helps you restore the transaction to its original state if you want to. With the Reconciliation History feature, I don't see the need for a printed reconciliation report, because you can always return to any reconciliation in the past.

    That all said, I would think that adding print to the Reconcile screen probably wouldn't require a major programming effort. (Then again, things that seem easy often turn out to have complexity not apparent to users. ;) )

    I'd be interested, if anyone cares to share, why an actual printed reconciliation report is needed (or why a list of outstanding (unreconciled) transactions is not sufficient for and accountant's needs). I definitely don't understand why someone would take the major step of abandoning Quicken and moving to  different personal finance software over this issue, as @klr4259 stated above. 
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  • Quicken September
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    Hello @Everybody!

    Thank you all for taking the time to visit the Community and add to this discussion, though I apologize for any trouble. As some of our wonderful users and SuperUsers have pointed out, there are currently no options for a reconciliation report in the current version of Quicken for Mac. 

    However, if this is a feature you would like to see in Quicken for Mac, please vote here as @jacobs mentioned earlier in the threadAs always, we appreciate your feedback and thank you for your time. 

    If you have any other questions or ideas for Quicken, please let us know. Thank you!

    -Quicken September

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