How do I setup investments in Premier Version

I just upgraded to Premier but cannot find where I can setup investments.


  • Chris_QPW
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    First off make sure this setting is on:
    View -> Tabs to show -> Investing

    Next what you will want to do is add an investment account.
    Select Tools -> Add Account and you should be able to connect to an online investment account or select Offline Account and you will see choices for different kinds of investment accounts.

    Once you have setup at least one investment account and have transactions you can look on the Investing -> Portfolio or maybe the Dashboard for details on the securities and such.

    Note that when setting up the online investment accounts you have a choice between Complete and Simple.  Complete you enter or download each transaction like buying and selling.  For Simple it only tracks how many shares of a given security you have and how much cash.  No register is shown, just an overview when you look at the account.
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    If you haven't already, you may want to review the product's Help documentation: press F1

  • Frankx
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    Hi @azgeek,

    You add investment accounts using pretty much the same method you add other types of accounts.  It starts by clicking on "Tools" > "Add Account..."

    In the pop-up window, you'll see Tabs for:

    1) "Connected Account" - which covers a few different account types like bank accounts, credit cards, investments of various types (where you can connect to your account and download data), etc.
    2) "Offline Accounts" - which covers many of the types of accounts mentioned immediately above, but is used when you cannot, or don't want to, connect those accounts in Quicken.
    3) "Other Assets & Liabilities - which includes Property, Vehicles, Other Assets and Other Liabilities.

    For investments - you'll want to use either 1) or 2) above.

    Let me know if you have any followups.


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  • Chris_QPW
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    There is also some more information on investing on these web pages:
    Join Our Simple Investing Beta in Quicken for Windows | Quicken

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    Thanks all. It was really easy except for my 70 yr old brain
  • Jim_Harman
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    Start with Tools> Add account, pick the brokerage that holds your investments, and follow the instructions from there. You can also set up one or more off-line investing accounts from the tab at the bottom of the Add Account window.

    The basic idea is to set up an account, then either manually or by downloading populate that account with your holdings.
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    Wow this was a popular one to answer.   :)

    Everyone jumped on it at once!

    One thing I think I should have added is a caution to turn on this option:
    Edit -> Preferences -> Investment transactions -> Show hidden transactions

    What that will do is if there are any  Placeholders in the account they will be shown as transaction in the investment register so that you know they are there.  And most likely when first starting out with downloading transactions you will get some placeholders.  When you have shares of a security where there isn't any buying history for them, Quicken will add a Placeholder for it to bring up the number of shares in Quicken to what the financial institution says you have.
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