"If your USAA account activity stopped updating, please consider the following":

1. Your connection with Quicken has expired. You can reauthorize your connection through Quicken by following the steps to get your Access ID and PIN.
2.Your access to usaa.com has been suspended. Please note that invalid login attempts by Quicken due to incorrect credentials may cause your online access to be suspended.
3.There's a period of unusually high traffic volume on usaa.com.

USAA tells me my problem is #2, there are NO INSTRUCTIONS on how to accomplish this

Can anyone tell me what to do?


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    Most financial institutions will suspend access to accounts data after a few unsuccessful login attempts...3 unsuccessful attempts seems to be the norm for this.  It is a temporary security measure intended to protect customer accounts from being accessed by hackers.  Normally, the financial institution will automatically lift the suspension by the next day, perhaps by as much as 24 hrs.  There is nothing to do but wait.
    If you can't wait, you can try to get the suspension manually lifted by calling USAA Customer Service.  After they verify your identity they might be able to lift the suspension.  I say might because I used to work with one bank that would not allow manual lifting of these kinds of suspensions unless I actually visited a branch and gave them my driver's license so they could verify my identity.
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  • gboock
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    WELL SAID..BUT....QUICKEN wants a new password from USAA to make the download work. How do I get a new password from USAA to use with Quicken????
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    It is not Quicken that wants a new PW for USAA.  It is USAA that is requesting it.  Quicken is just the conduit for that request.  
    Can you take a screenshot of the request for a new PW and post it here so I can see exactly what it is saying?
    Also, what kind of connection (Express Web Connect or Direct Connect) do you have set up for USAA?  If you do not know, look at the top of your Account Register and it should state it there.
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    Direct Connect [Removed-Incorrect Picture Provided]
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    gboock said:
    Direct Connect
    I think you posted the wrong picture (use the three dots in the upper right of the comment to edit it).
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    Connection is Direct Connect .....I haven't been successful with a screenshot...... I update USAA and this is what I get....."Please enter your password" ..... "To continue enter the password for the following institution (USAA SAVINGS BANK)
    None of my USAA passwords work.
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    Hello @gboock,

    The users replying to your posts are correct, this is not a Quicken request it is directly from USAA. If your account is suspended they need to help you resolve that, we can not assist with that. Screenshot steps are given below.

    Attaching screenshots:

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