How do I uninstall the Quicken updates to go back to an earlier version or build?

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Currently using Vers R36.48, Build and found last evening after updating Quicken that the Validate function now finds errors/corruption in my datafile. I tried performing a restore of the backups of some of the earlier datafiles and find that they also have the same errors/corrupted data, which I believe previously wasn't there. So to troubleshoot this I would like to "roll-back" the updates that have been made to Quicken to go back to an earlier point-in-time so I can Validate the associated data file against an earlier version/build of Quicken. I was hoping that it was as simple as going to Windows "Control Panel-Programs-Uninstall an Update", but this doesn't contain any of the Quicken updates that have been performed over the years. Is there a way to do this?

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    Hello @JosephC,

    Thank you for coming to the Community with your question. 

    @Chris_QPW will be able to help you with this!

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    As long as you don't have to go real far back, rolling back should be as easy as installing the patch for that version.

    You will find those patch installs here:

    Quicken Inc also maintains some of them here if one feels better about getting them directly from Quicken Inc:

    BTW I would be very interested in the results you find.  Lots of people speculate that the problems they have are due to a patch/new version, but I have found most of the time it isn't the cause of the problems.
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    Thank you - I will let you know what I find out.
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    I should also mention one of the main failures, that make it look like a new patch has caused a problem.
    Unfortunately, bad installs happen.  So, whereas the actual patch might not be causing the problem the bad install while installing the new patch might be the problem.

    As such one of the things to try is a clean uninstall and reinstall.
    This is an article on how to get a clean uninstall:

    I would just follow the second section, but skip the uninstall since QCleanUI will do it, and maybe better than the standard uninstall:

    The deleting/renaming of the folders/files in the second step is very important.
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    Another thought for consideration:

    Although an older release may show NO errors upon file validation, they still may be hidden in your data file.

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    Now that QcleanerUi is no longer available  how do we back off program updates?   Ever since I installed  R45.11 and R45.13, I am unable to download transactions from some accounts like Chase 
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    @drmick, see the reply from @Chris_QPW, above.

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