Should I still see "zzz-Charles Schwab ..." ?

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I've been following this disaster of downgrading the Schwab connection method. Luckily I don't have much money at Schwab, but I do have both a brokerage and checking account. I asked them for help, but re the fiasco they say "Resolution will actually be initiated from Quicken's side. Quicken's support team has taken ownership of this issue and will address it appropriately on their end."

I still get the "try again later" errors, or the brokerage account not showing up to be linked when I try to re-establish connectivity. Currently online services for Schwab are turned off and have been since we were warned this was coming.

My question is; when I try to "Add account" or "set up now" and am presented with the window to "select your financial institution", if I select Charlses Schwab from the list of "popular instututions" at the bottom it still references "zzz-Charles Schwab _Co., Inc." on the add account dialog (that asks for the ID/pwd). Is this right ?? Should I still be seeing that? If I instead do a search for "schwab" and select "Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.", I do get an add dialog without the zzz but still no success in completing the setup.

If an account isn't showing up to add, I don't understand how Quicken is supposed to fix that and not Schwab.

Quicken Deluxe R36.54 on Windows 10 x64.


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