Ooops error msg. (CC-501)

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Since it's Sunday, I can't get to Quicken Support, so I'm taking a chance that I might find a lead here. I've tried researching postings here since last night.

I'm running into the Ooops (CC-501) message since last night. The problem is arising when I try to set up online access for two new accounts (both credit cards, Chase & American Express). I tried restarting Quicken and then the computer was off overnight. Those two things made no difference.

I'm not using a VPN. After trying again this morning, I also disabled Bitdefender Shield while I tried again, but no good. I've signed in at (and here of course) this morning. I've also accessed the Password Vault in Quicken many times. So I guess my Quicken ID is okay.

Quicken happily updates brokerage accounts at Merrill & Fidelity including linked checking accounts, at least once a day. But it just won't set up these new credit card accounts.

Just to test, I tried setting up my CitiBank checking account and got the same CC-501 message.

I'm getting OL-294-A at TD Bank which was set up a long time ago and I never use. I never have used Quicken to pay any bills, but somehow, Quicken's Online Payee list knows my three payees at TD Bank and only those payees at that bank. Actually, I hardly use TD Bank at all, so much so that I have had to go re-activate my ATM card from time to time, so I realize that my experience at TD Bank may be completely irrelevant to setting up new accounts elsewhere.

Any insights or advice will be very welcome, so thanks,
Quicken Deluxe R36.54
Win 8.1


  • Quicken Alyssa
    Hello @Jeanne,

    Thank you for coming to the Community to report the issues you are having, though I apologize that you are experiencing this. 

    I did notice that the migration of your dataset to the new servers has not started yet. But I cannot be sure if that is causing any of the issues you are having or not, because you have the Quicken cloud disabled. So I will proceed according to the errors you are receiving and disregard the migration status for the time being. 

    For the CC-501 error you are receiving with Citi, please review this Knowledge Base article if you have not already done so. 

    As for the OL-294-A, please review this Knowledge Base article regarding that error.

    Do update us after you have followed the articles for these errors to let us know if your issue has been resolved or not and we will be happy to provide further guidance.

    Thank you!

    Quicken Alyssa

  • Jeanne
    Jeanne Member ✭✭✭
    > @Quicken Alyssa said:
    > For the CC-501 error you are receiving with Citi, please review this Knowledge Base article if you have not already done so.

    All this article says is to contact support if the problem persists after 24 hours. So thanks (?) but it is now well over 24 hours.

    I also know nothing about the migration to new servers. I understood that a Quicken Cloud account is automatically created when I create a Quicken ID, but I don't use a mobile device or need to access Quicken data away from my desktop, so I've never synched my data . The fact that other accounts are set up and updating all the time leads me to think that I ought to be able to add accounts. No?

    So I'm now more mystified than ever. What am I missing here?
  • BeyondtheBox
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    @quicken Alyssa I am having issues with TD Bank. Just will not connect 294-A. What is this dataset migration you mention? Is that the cause of this issue?
  • Quicken Jasmine
    Hi @BeyondtheBox,

    Thank you for reaching out to the community, I am sorry that you are experiencing this issue.

    We are currently experiencing some issues in regards to Online Banking with PNC and a few other banks. Feel free to bookmark this discussion that I have linked in order to be able to stay up to date with the latest alerts regarding this issue.

    Could you please send your information logs over to quicken? You can do this by selecting help> report a problem. 

    Please let us know when you have completed this. 

    Thank you for your continued support and patience as we work towards a resolution.
    Quicken Jasmine

    -Quicken Jasmine

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  • Jeanne
    Jeanne Member ✭✭✭
    Just an update: After well over 24 hours, one credit card suddenly came through. I still can't establish communication with one credit card and one bank. After a long time on hold, an rep told me that they're having a lot of trouble with many servers and hope to get it resolved soon. Sounded like a mess.
  • Jeanne
    Jeanne Member ✭✭✭
    Today is Day 5. It's hard to say whether Quicken or Chase has served me worse, but I think the prize has to go to Quicken. Since Quicken's error messages repeatedly told me not to contact my bank--and since American Express came through unexpectedly--I've just sat here frustrated. But today, I came back here to this forum to see whether I could find anything specific about Chase--whereupon I found
    Only then was I reminded about DC vs. EWC (which I'd long forgotten). Changing that option got me different error messages, leading me back to Chase made resolving this as hard as it could but, net-net, I'm grateful that I finally did connect.

    If I hadn't called Quicken Support, I'd not be nearly as angry. But really,  Quicken's error message was TOTALLY worthless, completely misleading, utterly stymying. It's just inexcusable that (a) the error message had NOTHING to do with why I was not connecting (indeed, misled me) and (b) Support made NO effort to troubleshoot just a little.

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