Give me reasons why to pay for montly or yearly subscription

Mary E
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:s I have used Quicken for years....and recently had to replace my computer. I have been using Quicken 2017 and REFUSE to pay for a monthly and/or yearly subscription. Since my new computer does NOT have a CD drive, I'm upset that there is NO WAY to get Quicken 2017onto it. I called Quicken support and was told the ONLY option was to get the monthly or yearly subscription. [Removed - Rant]


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    For $20-$30 you can buy a USB CD drive for your new PC.

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    I don't say this to be antagonistic, but I'm not sure how it's "greed" for them to not provide support for a discontinued product which you have chosen not to continue to purchase. You have chosen to move to a new computer, but want their support to help you move onto a new computer with the discontinued/unsupported software. Do you think they owe you unlimited support on an old version because of your loyalty as a past customer, even though you plainly state you are not a current or future customer? 

    You didn't specify in your post, but are you a Windows or Mac user? If Mac, it's actually simply to transfer the Quicken application to your new computer; I don't believe that's the case with Quicken Windows.

    Otherwise, as noted above, you can buy a cheap CD drive, or perhaps ask around among friends or work associates to see if anyone has a CD drive you can borrow for a day. 
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    Hi, @Mary E

    Thank you for reaching out to the Community with your concerns regarding our new subscription model. While I understand that this is frustrating for you and that change can be uncomfortable, I would love to explain the reasoning behind the changes and hopefully show you the value of what you get with a Quicken Subscription. 

    We here at Quicken are continually striving to improve our products to provide a better customer experience for our users - including you! Our subscription model allows us to do just that. Instead of releasing a new version of Quicken every year, we decided to focus our energy by creating one program and then continually updating this program with all the new features and fixes that would come in a new version - without the hassle of file conversions, incompatibility issues, and all of that other “fun” stuff that comes with upgrading to a whole new program.

    With your subscription, you get to choose the level of features that you need so that you don’t end up paying for more than you need. You'll get access to all of the powerful features of Quicken to track your finances all in one place. You also get access to our Mobile & Web so that you may access the powerful features of Quicken, on the go. With our Premier Subscription and higher, you also get access to Premium Support which puts you at the front of the line should you have to call us for any reason - as well as a subscription to our Bill Manager, built-in. All of this is backed by our 30 days risk-free trial so if you decide for any reason that Quicken is not what you are looking for, you can get a full refund. I hope this shines a little bit of light on the value of our subscription and we would love to have you!

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    If you have the installation program on a CD, then take the CD and a thumbdrive to the library or a friend's house or work and copy the contents from the CD to the thumbdrive.
    Then install from the thumbdrive.

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  • Al Ramirez
    I Was able to use Quicken 2017 after I upgraded to Windows 11.Did had the disk. I did buy new Quicken subscription as a back up in case I needed but probably will not used (when it was on sale at 50%) so I do not have to continue paying subscriptions yearly.I am in the same mind as you, however, may be I will later on transfer to the paid subscription after I do my end of year. again, maybe. I really would not mind paying for a subscription but I think current cost is way too expensive. If it was half, it would make more sense and probably they would significantly increase sales and volume will create revenue. just my2cents
  • jacobs
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    I really would not mind paying for a subscription but I think current cost is way too expensive. If it was half, it would make more sense and probably they would significantly increase sales and volume will create revenue. just my2cents
    If the cost were half, they would have to double the user base just to bring in the same revenue. And double the number of users would increase the number of servers they run and the number of support agents they need, so they would probably need 2.5 times the number of users to break even, and 3 times the number of users to be ahead on the bottom line. I think the odds of being able to triple the number of Quicken users within a year or so, just on the basis of a new lower price, are extremely low. 

    I assume they have some fancy MBA-types at Quicken who constantly evaluate their product pricing. Could they make more money by cutting the price? If today's price is the major sticking point for people not using Quicken, then perhaps yes if a lower price would generate many more sales — but it takes a lot more sales to make up for money they'd give up with a lower price. Conversely, could they make more money if they increased the price 50%? If only 25% of users would walk away, then yes. Yikes! In any case, I'm certain they do consumer market research to test different price scenarios, as well as monitor what other personal finance products offer and charge, in determining their pricing. 
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    In my opinion lowering the price would do nothing for them, except lower their revenue.

    There basically aren't a significant number of customers they don't already have.

    To me the market breaks down like this.
    1. Manual entry users, which aren't going to be updating.
    2. Existing customers that need the online services and such and are paying for the current subscription.
    3. "Younger" users that aren't really going to be interested in a program like Quicken, they want Apps/Online services not a tired old Desktop application like Quicken.
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    Personally, I've seen Quicken Deluxe advertised at outside retailers for $31.99.  That price fluctuates depending on different times of the year.

    I've said it before and I'll say it again.  If you can't afford less than $3 a month for personal finance software, you don't need personal finance software. 
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