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Why does Quicken not include downloading the dividend yield when it updates stocks? This makes manually loading this a hassle. A switch could be added to each stock if the user does not want it automatically updated.


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    Quicken does include downloading the dividend yield when it updates stocks as provided by the third-party quote provider.
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    Where are you looking?

    The Dividend Yield as reported on the Investing tab -> Portfolio is always downloaded if it is available from the third-party service provider.  Is that what you are talking about?

    The actual dividends would be transactions that are downloaded, and that would be up to the financial institution to send the proper transaction.  Is this what you are talking about?
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    Are you seeing inaccurate or out of date Dividend Yields, or is the data not downloading at all, i.e. blank or N/A? I can imagine that the downloaded dividend yield might be based on the previous day's closing price and not be updated in real time.

    Can you give some examples of stocks with this problem? 
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    Or are you talking about the "Estimated income" column in the Security Detail or Portfolio views? That is a different issue, which we can discuss if you want.
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