Bank name now has three ZZZ- and can't download transactions

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I need to rename my bank. I have three Z's and a hyphen in front of my bank's name which is stopping me from accessing my checking account.


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    What is the name of the bank? 3 Z's usually mean the bank has discontinued downloads to Quicken or changed the connection method.
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    I suggest you deactivate the Online Services associated with the register: open the register, press Ctrl + Shift + E, select the Online Services tab and Deactivate.  After you have deactivated the Online Services, select the General tab of the Account Details window and you should be able to edit the financial institution's name.
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    And, renaming the bank to remove those ZZZ's won't solve your problem.  The ZZZ's were put there to indicate that the bank (using that name and URL) no longer participates with Q.  Changing the name won't change that situation.
    BUT, if you name the bank we may be able to provide alternatives.

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    yeah - we need the name of the bank - and as mentioned above - it would appear they have decided to no longer contract with and pay for Quicken supporting downloads of any kind -
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