Spending by Account

Is there a report that will show spending by Account in a Bar Graph view. For example I would like to show my monthly spending by credit card where each bar is a separate credit card or Account. I see can reports by categories and payees but not by Accounts.


  • Jim_Harman
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    There is no report that will do that directly, but you can configure the confusingly named Banking > Cash flow by Tag report to show the data then export it to Excel and generate the graph there. 

    Presumably you want to show the spending from the credit card accounts but not the transfers that pay the credit card bill.

    Set the date range you want.
    Customize the report so the rows are accounts and the columns are months. 
    Include just the credit card accounts.
    Include all Categories except the one which is the account you use to pay the bills.

    Export to Excel and produce the graph there. 
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  • pmarker
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    Thanks I have done that to Excel but wanted something where I could just click on a saved report and get a quick look at spending by month. I would love to see Quicken come out with a Report Wizard to allow us to create our own reports vs customizing existing reports.
  • Jim_Harman
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    OK, glad to hear you have a solution.

    If you want a Report Wizard, you should review and vote for this Idea.
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