I am having a problem reconciling my bank account.

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I am a long-time quicken user in Mac and have never had this issue before. I reconcile a month and it looks fine, everything is green, and the numbers match. If I look at the history, it shows all kinds of discrepancies for that month and others that were also all green when I did them.

Anyone else seen this problem?



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  • RonMiddag
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    I left that question more than two weeks ago. Does anyone look at this stuff?
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    @RonMiddag I hadn't seen your post when it was moved from the Windows category because there was no new activity in the thread, and I look for new posts. I'd note that you asked if anyone else is having the same problem, so the silence may because this is not a widespread problem.

    Keep in mind that this is primarily a forum of users supporting users; we try to help each other, but there are no guaranteed answers. You also have the option of phoning Quicken Support any any time; a Support representative may or may not be able to provide you more immediate help than you'll get here.

    As to your specific problem, if you want to try to get help here, you'll need to provide a lot more details (ideally including screenshots) about what you're seeing. Reconciliation problems can be hard to troubleshoot on a forum like this. Re-reconciling can generally resolve the problems, but it may take going through multiple months to get everything sorted out. 

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