Get quicken to support NEO exchange (Canada) [Edited]

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There are many stocks on NEO exchange in Canada, Quicken do not support the securities on NEO

please include the NEO exchange ( example NE:MSFT )
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  • please include the NEO exchange
  • rglrjeanus
    rglrjeanus Member ✭✭
    This is a no brainer...... users can't be updating prices manually all the time. ....that is the reason we buy quicken. There are a lot of neo users and more securities listed there all the time.
  • jrmc
    jrmc Member ✭✭
    agree must add Neo soon
  • JosefW
    JosefW Member ✭✭
    edited January 2023
    When will Quicken Canada be including downloaded quotes for the NEO Exchange? This is a critical feature and why we are paying and annual subscription fee for.
  • ta
    ta Member ✭✭
    Tesla is on NEO in Canada. Please add support for NEO exchange in Canada. Thanks.
  • bboyles
    bboyles Member ✭✭
    Agree this should be added.
  • jrmc
    jrmc Member ✭✭
    Agree this should be added.
  • kh57smth
    kh57smth Unconfirmed ✭✭✭

    Agree that Quicken should be able to download tickers and prices from the Canadian Neo exchange which has been in operation for 5 years!

  • kh57smth
    kh57smth Unconfirmed ✭✭✭

    See photo for more info

  • Why doesn't Quicken track securities on the NEO exchange? This and the many financial institutions that Quicken refuses to track automatically, severely limit the usefulness of this product.

  • mkwong82
    mkwong82 Member ✭✭

    Please add NEO exchange support.

  • Locutius
    Locutius Member

    Today I subscribed to a year of Quicken and am so disappointed (and shocked) that the NEO exchange is not supported. Just as many others have commented, the main reason I subscribed is for the securities update. It's hard to justify the subscription if I have to type in prices manually.

    Please do add NEO Exchange support. Urgently!

  • rogerhlho
    rogerhlho Member ✭✭

    Please include NEO exchange in Canada.