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Good Morning,
Please recommend the format for producing a duplicate transaction report. Thanks

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    Would you care to explain what you mean by "a duplicate transaction report" so we can better understand what you wanting to accomplish?

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    I assume you have downloaded duplicate transactions and you want to find the duplicates so you can delete one.

    There isn't a specific report for that, but at the top of the account's register you could select the date range of interest then sort by Amount. For each duplicate amount, you would still have to look for transactions where the date and payee are the same.

    Or if you are comfortable with Excel, you could click the gear at the top right of the account, select More reports, and then Register report.

    Set the date range you want and export to Excel.

    In Excel, sort the data by Date, Amount, and Payee, which should place any duplicates next to each other.

    Then to the right of the data you can put a formula that displays a * or something if the date, amount, and payee are each equal to the value below. (The formula is left as an exercise for the reader)

    Then filter the data so only the rows with the * or whatever are shown.

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    If one does this when the download occurs it is much easier to figure out.

    What caused the duplicate transactions?
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