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These functions are automatic whenever you interact with a transaction or enter a new transaction on Quicken for the Web. When I enter a new transaction, the transaction is AUTOMATICALLY marked as reviewed and cleared. This has caused me confusion and frustration when I would go back into my account on another version (not the web version) and try to reconcile. I had transactions marked cleared and reviewed which I had not cleared or reveiwed because when they were entered on the web version, the web version marks them as reviewed (green checkmark) and cleared FOR ME. There is no option to DISABLE THIS. Very frustrating. 😠


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    Hello @ErikC,

    Thank you for taking the time to visit the Community.

    Although the transactions are automatically marked as Cleared and Reviewed upon entering a new transaction, you do have the option to unmark them as Cleared/Reviewed while entering the transaction by clicking the green Reviewed checkmark and the Cleared status before saving the transaction.

    Unfortunately, there is not currently a feature setting available to change the default on this. However, if you wish to request this feature to be added in the future, what you can do is create an idea post. This way other users who have the same or a similar request can vote on your idea.

    Our Development and Product teams frequently use our idea posts in order to improve Quicken and implement new features requested by customers. 

    I hope this helps!

    -Quicken Anja
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