Importing from 2007 the new payee list has no address or account numbers. How do I get this?

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I have used Quicken since 1993 and have relied on it keeping all my account numbers and payment addresses. These are missing from the new Payee list. This information going back 29 years was easy to find in the old versions. Am I missing something? Under what tab or heading should I look to find this information?


  • John_in_NC
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    Hi, jongreen:

    You will have to re-enter this info for the various payees. The converter for 2007 dates back roughly 12 years, and some features were not supported at that time. 
  • jongreen
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    Thanks John, I can understand that any active program can not support all previous versions and data. But I was using 2017 in Mojave through 2021 and all the data was present. Now I’m in Big Sur and not even the recent account numbers and addresses and memos from 2021 are present. These categories are blank. Any suggestions for a more extensive conversion. Or at very least Quicken should offer a translation program that would at least allow importing all old data into something like excel. That way the data could be totally saved and the required data filled in by hand. Is their any program that you know of that could read the old data?
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    @jongreen I'm confused and need a little more information. You were using Quicken 2007 since 1993 and you were using Quicken 2017 through 2021; were you using both programs at the same time? Have you moved forward to the current Quicken Mac program now? And if so, did you import your data from your Quicken 2017 data or from your Quicken 2007 data? 

    When you were using Quicken 2017, had you imported your data from Quicken 2007? And you're saying that the Payee addresses and your account connectivity imported from Quicken 2007 to Quicken 2017, but not into current Quicken Mac?

    As John said, there have been no changes to the Quicken Mac importer from Quicken 2007 in many years, so there shouldn't be any difference between what was imported into Quicken 2017 and current Quicken Mac. And if you moved from Quicken 2017 to current Quicken Mac, no data should have been left behind.

    Sorry to have so many questions, but I'm just trying to understand what you were using and how you moved forward, so we can offer you any possible advice. 

    I can tell you pretty definitively that there will be nothing forthcoming from the folks at Quicken to pull any additional data from Quicken 2007. The database in Quicken 2007 is very quirky and complex and untraditional by modern database standards. Even the converter from Quicken 2007 to modern Quicken Mac uses a modified version of Quicken 2007 in a cloud server to extract data from the old data files into an interim format which can then be imported into Quicken Mac. Users have been converting from Quicken 2007 since summer 2014, and after seven and a half years, the number of Quicken 2007 users has shrunk to a pretty small number. With a large list of development requests for the current program still in front of the development team, they have made clear they are not going to divert time and resources into trying to dive back into Quicken 2007 to write a new converter or data exporter for the small number of remaining Quicken 2007 users. 
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    Or did the OP mean that they were using QM2007 in Mojave through 2021, i.e. 2017 was a typo?
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  • jacobs
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    smayer97 said:
    Or did the OP mean that they were using QM2007 in Mojave through 2021, i.e. 2017 was a typo?
    Exactly. That's why I asked several questions in my first reply above. It's not worth speculating on various what-if scenarios until @jongreen posts again and clarifies.
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  • John_in_NC
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    edited February 2022
    Assuming QMac 2017, then your payees & addresses will come through.

    But, did you (for some reason) export your 2017 file to QXF and back into a new file in the new version? That will strip out the payee info.

    You generally want to let the newer versions of Quicken open your 2017 file directly, and it will create a copy of the file in the newer format. You can run both old and new alongside with each accessing their respective files.
  • I too am using 2017 and just found my entire payee list gone. I'd already been having problems for several months with various bill payments not going through electronically that had previously (for decades) worked seamlessly. Each month I've had to mail checks to companies that I'd previously been able to pay electronically. What's going on?
  • jacobs
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    You're talking about two very different issues, once of which is completely unrelated to this thread. I'll address the Payees; you should create a separate thread about your bill payment problems. In Quicken 2017 (and any version of modern Quicken Mac), your entire Payee list cannot be gone. Quicken Mac doesn't allow you to delete Payees which are in use for one or more transactions.

    Open Window > Payees. Make sure the "Show Hidden" checkmark is checked. Are all your Payees not visible in that window?
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  • jongreen
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    Thanks to John, Jacobs, and smayers97 for trying to help me out! I’ll try to clarify here some of your questions. First the version I have been using all this time is 2007. (Yes, it looks my typo to reference 2017. I never used anything but 2007 and versions earlier to that.) Second I never exported to a QXF file and back into the new Quicken. But based on that comment I opened the 2007 version again in Mojave and exported the data to Excel to see what was there and what was lost. It looks like all the addresses, account numbers and memo data before around 2003 are in the Excel extracted file. Sometime after that time Excel only shows payee and amount even though the Payee List in the 2007 Quicken retains this information.

    Here is a translation of the kind of data I have for many accounts. This example is from Memorized Transaction:

    Paul McDonnell, Tax Collector $x,xxx.20
    XXXX Dollars
    Paul Mc Donnell, Tax Collector
    Riverside County Treasurer
    PO Box 12010
    Riverside CA 92502-2210

    22xxxxxxx-8 & 22xxxxxxx-7
    category amount

    Frequently I added more info in these areas such as
    Phone number and web address so that there would be a full 5 lines of information.

    In the new Quicken only date Check# Payee Category Amount Balance and Memo appear. I’ve also opened the other columns including hidden info but find no other information. Address and account number listed in address seems lost. If the account number was listed in memo it is sometimes there. The memo column has the most vital information:

    The example above shows:
    Date / Check# / Paul McDonnell, Tax Collector / $Amount, /and Plot Numbers 22etc

    Since I still send out checks, missing addresses is a major hassle. Looks like the new Quicken is geared for all electronic transactions. But my online BofA account does all that.

    Cheers and Thanks for trying.
  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    @jongreen Thanks for posting back to clarify and amplify your earlier posts.

    You say "Looks like the new Quicken is geared for all electronic transactions." No, definitely not. You can still enter addresses and print checks in the current Quicken Mac.

    The problem, as @John_in_NCoriginally explained, is that the converter from Quicken 2007 to modern Quicken Mac does not pull over Payee address information. so unfortunately, you're going to do some additional work to complete your migration.

    But the good news is that you found you could access this data in an export to Excel, which I never knew was possible. That changes the equation for dealing with this to just requiring a number of copy-and-paste actions from to transfer the addresses for Payees you use with any recurring frequency. Your mouse hand may get a little tired from doing a lot of clicking, but this is a one-time issue for your conversion.

    In your Excel file with the addresses, locate a Payee where you want to preserve the address; select and Copy the address. There are two different places Quicken Mac stores address information:
    1. You can store it in the Bank Bill Pay tab of editing a Payee. This screen requires you to enter a phone number (real or made up) and account number (or your name or phone number).
    2. It might be easier to simply paste the complete 2 or 3 line address block from Quicken 2007 via Excel into an address area which is only visible on the Print Check screen. To do this, create a new transaction and enter the name of the Payee, click Edit Details, and click on the Print Check tab — or use the shortcut Command-Option-C. In the check image, paste the address you have for this Payee in Excel. Click Save to save this transaction, followed by Delete to delete the incomplete transaction.

    Repeat for other Payees. (But do one or two first, and make sure it's working for you a dummy new transaction.)

    When it's time to enter a transaction for one of these Payees, you'll create a transaction and go to the Print Checks tab. If you used #1 above, there will be no address showing; click the Use Bill Pay address button, and the address will populate. If you used #2 above, the address will already be visible and ready to go.

    As for memos, I don't believe either method will permanently store something like an account number in the Memo field unless you allow Quicken to save a QuickFill transaction with the Memo field. In the Payees & Rules window, click "Add" in the QuickFill Rule column for this Payee. Type or paste the account number in the Memo field and save the rule. You can also save the Category in the rule, and the Amount if it's normally the same each time.
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