Investment return per year over life

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Have Quicken Deluxe add a calculation for investment return per year over the life of the investment. Also helpful would be to calculate the return of the S&P 500 over the life of the same investment to allow that comparison.


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    I forget exactly what investment reports/views are in Deluxe, but these features are already in the Premier version.  And if they aren't in Deluxe than that would come under the heading of Premier has some more Investment and Tax reports (bells and whistles).

    Look for Reports -> Investing -> Investment Performance

    For the comparison to indexes, I know that the Deluxe version doesn't have the Performance view that the Premier version has, which has a "Growth of $10,000" on it which does this, but you might get something close on the Classic Home tab, look for Growth of $10,000 under Investing when you customize the view.
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    Deluxe has the Growth of 10,000  graph but there are some issues with Quicken's calculation. Also the standard indexes Quicken provides do not include dividends. See this Idea post for more info.
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