Quicken does not recognize existing Fidelity ETF and wants to add as new security

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This is an old closed item, but it still exists and needs to be addressed. I am using Windows 11 and R38.29 and this error started in January. "When downloading some investment transactions, Quicken does not recognize existing securities and wants to add it as a new security. I get a box asking to match it to an existing security, but the list does not include the security, even though it is already in Quicken. If I try to add it, it is flagged as already existing. "
I have unchecked the match online box, looked at the compare function and nothing works. HOW IN THE WORLD do I fix this?


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    What brokerage - and what is the ETF symbol ?
    Also - what does this existing ETF look like in the Quicken Security List ?

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    It is TD Ameritrade and the ETF is Fidelity MSCI Real Estate Index. It looks like this:
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    Change the Security Type from Market Index to Stock, Mutual Fund, or something else. I’d go for the MF. 
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    For reference, "Market Index" as a security type is for actual indexes like the S&P 500, not for index funds or ETFs. Quicken does not permit you to hold any shares of a Market Index type security. 
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    Thanks for the feedback....I changed the Type to Mutual Fund and allowed Quicken to download asset class and now Quicken sees the security. So the issue is resolved. Thanks again- FlashGolfer
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    Thanks for the answer. :) I had changed some market index ETF's to "Market Index" along with some other Custom Security Types so that I could evaluate how my investments were performing by Security Types. Only one of the ETF's that I changed to "Market Index" type caused a missing security problem; the other 4 ETF's worked perfectly. They probably would cause a problem the next time a dividend or transaction was downloaded. The easy solution was just rename a Custom Type to MarketIndex ETF and the problem was eliminated.
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