Tag Copy Schedule E Limited to 15 properties

Just upgraded to Home/Business/Rental Property and was attempting to link all rental properties 17 to export to TT via the Tag Copy and found I can only link 15 properties. Is there anyway to work around this issue? Are there plans in the works to increase the number of rental properties?
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  • Quicken Anja
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    Hello @KHE,

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  • KHE
    KHE Member ✭✭
    Thanks for making it a new idea. Still need to find out if anybody out there has a workaround to get more than the 15 property limit currently provided in QHBR to track and upload to TT
  • UKR
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    Does TurboTax allow you to manually create more than 15 copies of Schedule E? If so, what's the upper limit?
    For this year's taxes you may have to manually add copies 16 and 17 in TurboTax. I don't think that the programmers will be able to respond and make this change on time before taxes are due.
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  • KHE
    KHE Member ✭✭
    Turbo Tax can handle 15 sheets, with 6 properties on schedule E, for a total of 45 properties using the deluxe version which is what I have been using. Not sure about the other versions of Turbo Tax. I know and understand Quicken will not be able to upgrade above the 15 properties for 2021 Taxes, just hoping it could be done /will be done for 2022/2023. Currently plan on entering exporting the 15 properties for 2022 and enter the remaining ones by hand. Was hoping I could get out of entering my hand after by upgrading to the Rental Properties version.
  • TJTM
    TJTM Member
    I would like to see this also.