Cannot add FBC Mortgage

My mortgage was previously administered by Cenlar, and I know Quicken was having trouble with that connection. FBC recently took over administration of our mortgage. When I go to add FBC, I do find FBC Mortgage, however, when I add my sign in credentials, I got a cc-503 error that my credentials are not valid. The address of FBC in quicken is, but that gets me to a different web page than my normal log in, which is,

I spoke to a support person, who said it was an FBC problem, not a quicken problem.

Now when I try to add the account, I get a cc-929 error, and it says "Oops, we're having a problem".

Any suggestions welcome.

Thank you!


  • Quicken Anja
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    Hello @SusanC0425,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Community and telling us about your issue, though I apologize that you are experiencing this.

    If you haven't already, you can try following the error-specific troubleshooting instructions found in this support article regarding error CC-929.

    However, please be advised that if the root cause of the issue does stem from the difference in URL web addresses, it will require the financial institution to reach out to our service provider in order to have this updated within the software.

    I hope this helps!

    -Quicken Anja
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  • SusanC0425
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    Why would Quicken not reach out to get this fixed? The response I got when contacting FBC was that they don't allow 3rd parties to access due to security concerns. If that is the case, why is FBC even a choice when trying to add a new account?
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    "Why would Quicken not reach out ..."
    Because the contract between Q and Cenlar/FBC requires the financial institutions to notify Q/Intuit of changes that would impact the connectivity between the two ... and to do so in a timely manner.
    Q can't possibly monitor all of the thousands of websites for changes.  And can't even know about changes that are planned but not yet implemented.
    And, that FBC person that you got was simply wrong, misinformed or trying to get rid of your complaint.  This entry from FIDIR.TXT (the list of bank supporting Q) shows that FBC has signed the contract with Q to provide support.
        FBC Mortgage, LLC    (866) 413-2563    ACTIVE                   BANKING,CREDIT,ACCOUNTINFO&EXP-WEB-CONNECT

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  • SusanC0425
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    Thank you! That makes sense, I appreciate you.
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