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In the Net Worth report, is there an option to exclude accounts that have no balances and no activity during the date range selected?

Background: I created and saved a Net Worth report, with the date range set for the "Last 12 months." But sometimes I edit it to look at a longer period, up to 7-8 years. To get accurate reports for those longer periods, the report includes accounts that were closed years ago. Unfortunately, when I look at just the last 12 months (or even the last few years), the report includes more than a dozen lines with accounts that held zero funds for the entire reporting period.

I know my alternatives include, editing the accounts selected everytime I edit the date range or creating separate reports for different date ranges, but I'd like to have just one report that self-edits the display of accounts.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

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  • Tom Young
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    If you run a Current Budget report you can customize it to show Categories that are "Budgeted only", "Non-Zero actual/budgeted" or "Include all."  You'd think that something similar might be available for the Net Worth report, e.g., "Don't include $0 Accounts" (for the entire date range) but there's not.  Maybe post this as an Idea?
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    If it's posted as an idea I would vote for it.
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  • LeaningTower
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    Ok, next question: How do you post an "idea"?
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  • Chris_QPW
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    Ok, next question: How do you post an "idea"?
    Just so you know for the future.  Go to the Home page and then select New Post -> New Idea.
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    Thanks, Chris--and everyone else who responded.
    If only Quicken had responded to the previous "suggestion" posted 4 years ago, I would suggest many additional enhancements. Unfortunately, it seems Quicken is is not really receptive to users' input.
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