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Is there a way to show ticker symbols in addition to the description (name) of the stock? I am always having to try to figure out where the ticker symbol is instead of having to readily available in the register.


  • Tom Young
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    There's no column in the Holdings view that shows the ticker, but if you put your mouse pointer over a security's name in the Holdings view, the ticker symbol is visible.
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    You can display the ticker symbols in the Investing > Portfolio views by adding the Ticker Symbol field to the view.

    I agree the missing symbols are a problem elsewhere in Quicken. What I have done is to edit the Security names so they begin with the Ticker symbol, like GE-General Electric.

    Changing the names should not cause any problems. Quicken uses the Symbols for quote downloading and the CUSIP number to match to downloaded transactions.
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    If you select Options to the right, you should see Customize current view.

    Then select this and many more options.

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    To view the ticker symbol of a security used in a transaction in the register, select the security in the transaction and click on the pull-down menu icon that should appear to the right of the securities name.
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    Let's not forget that there's a toggle switch available in the Customize Current View (see image above):
    • [_] Show symbols in Name column
    When enabled, this will show only the Ticker Symbol in the Name column, instead of the Security Name.
    It will not show both ... but then again, you add the Ticker column to the view and you have both.
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