networth report account balances are incorrect

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My account ledgers all show correct balances, but when I run the networth report my checking and savings accounts have incorrect balances. Investigating further I looked at the account overview and found both the correct balance and the incorrect balance. See attached.

The incorrect amount is what's showing up in the networth report.


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    Do not trust the includes all/any option on tabs of the Customize window of the graph.  The all/any option was added relatively recently and does not reliably determine whether all the items are actually selected. 

    To prevent Quicken from incorrectly defaulting to all/any option in a Saved report, I suggest unchecking an unhidden item for each tab.
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    Please go to Help > About Quicken and let us know what version you are running now.

    When did you first see this problem? Was it before or after Mar. 4, when R39.17 was first released?

    Previous to the current version, did you ever have R39.17 or R39.21 installed?

    In the affected account(s), have you ever used the Paycheck Wizard to enter the split transfers in your paycheck?

    Does the problem also affect the Account Balances Report?

    If your answers are After Mar. 4, Yes ran R39.17 or R39.21, Yes have used Paycheck Wizard, and Yes affects Account Balances report, you have probably encountered the problem discussed here:

    If this is your problem, you should update to R39.23 or newer, which fixes this problem going forward. 

    Then you need to restore a backup from before you installed R39.17. This would be about March 4. Verify that the problem is no longer present in the restored backup.

    You will have to re-enter any transactions you entered since then.

    See this Announcement

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    Yup, this is almost certainly it Jim, thank you. I use the paycheck wizard and I noticed my paychecks are all corrupted. I have backups going back to March 4, so restoring won't be a problem, but it sucks having to recreate all those transactions!

    (I'm currently running R39.23. I don't know if/when I had the other versions you mentioned, but Quicken auto-updates, so I probably did. Windows 11.)
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