Add Native Support for Cryptocurrencies & Coinbase

It's 2022, and Coinbase has great APIs. Please implement, at minimum, support for automatically downloading prices for the 100+ cryptocurrencies that Coinbase supports, as well as direct account linking for Coinbase. Manual entry is just too difficult.
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  • Forsaken1622
    Forsaken1622 Member
    It is pretty ridiculous this hasn't been built in yet. Really a lack of foresight or caring.
  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    @adamnash As folks from Quicken have explained in other threads, the main issue is that they need to switch from 6 digits of decimal accuracy 8 digits in order to fully support cryptocurrencies. That may not sound like much, but it can require replacement of math libraries and re-writing significant code, as well as tweaking field lengths on dozens of screen. And this has to be coordinated across the separate development teams for Quicken Mac, Quicken Windows and Quicken Cloud (mobile and web), because the Mac and Windows programs both tie into the same Quicken Cloud system. And then they have to sign on with a data provider for price quotes, and sign on with cryptocurrency platforms/brokers. All of those pieces make it a big project. And it's one the developers have stated is currently being worked on.

    While I'd agree that 2022 seems rather late to be getting cryptocurrency support built into Quicken, we at least know that it's coming; we just don't know when.

    There are multiple other threads on this site about this feature request (such as here and here, plus this one you created yourself a month ago for the same topic — and they are all marked as "Planned". As such, there's no need to create this as a new Idea post and drive new voting for a feature the developers have said they are already working on.
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