Add Support for Tracking Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, etc)

It's 2022, and Coinbase has great APIs. Please implement, at minimum, support for automatically downloading prices for the 100+ cryptocurrencies that Coinbase supports, as well as direct account linking for Coinbase.
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  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    First, please post new ideas only once; you posted the same thing in two separate categories, which makes it harder for either one to get enough votes of support.

    Second, the whole issue of tracking cryptocurrencies is already a work-in-progress at Quicken. The first piece needed to track cryptocurrencies is changing Quicken to support 8 digits of accuracy; it currently supports only 6. Making that change — across Quicken Mac, Quicken Windows and Quicken mobile/web — is a significant job, as underlying math libraries need to be replaced/updated to support the additional digits of precision.

    You will note if you visit the existing idea thread that it has been marked as "Planned" by the developers. We don't know how soon it will appear. The former Quicken Mac product manager said at one point that it was a significant job which would take them awhile. Whether they are early or late in that process isn't known; it's only know that they're moving in that direction.

    After they add support for cryptocurrencies, then the next question will be whether they will provide downloads of crypto prices, and if so, which ones. It would be a logical next step, but one they can't implement before adding base support for tracking cryptocurrencies accurately.
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