Quicken Does not Work Abroad [Edited]

I frequently travel abroad -- there is life outside of North America -- and have issues with Quicken when overseas.  This makes it extremely difficult to keep my accounts current.  I doubt that Quicken will modify their location based [Removed - Disruptive/Speculation] policies but I just wanted to express my displeasure and frustration.  


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    Quicken isn't licensed for sale outside of the US and Canada ... so there's no ability to download outside of those countries.
    What, specifically, is/isn't happening when you're abroad?

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    We use a remote desktop client to access the Windows desktop on a home computer where we maintain Quicken.  There are a variety of free implementations available.  If you are Windows and network savvy, I recommend Microsoft's Remote Desktop.  If you want simplicity, I recommend TeamViewer.
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    Beijing Mac said: I frequently travel abroad and have issues with Quicken when overseas. 
    just curious - what happens ?

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    When it was an Intuit product, never had any issues. 
    So now when you launch Quicken program, it will continually ask you to login to your account.  You have to cancel and then you can access your data file but can't perform any updates.  So you can run a VPN and access but that is problematic and typically slow.  I bounce between a couple of VPN's to test speed and connection and they all have similar results. 
    So Quicken is not licensed for sale outside of US or Canada?  I bought it in the US and I'm a US citizen. I'm not sure about the accuracy of that statement that it can't be used or it can't download outside of North America -- I can run VPN servers in Europe and the UK and it will function.  Seems to be a break in that logic.
    just frustrating that it does not work well.  Note that I have been using Quicken for 30+ years -- 15 of those were living out of the country and past 17 years working internationally.  This problem has surfaced since going to the subscription model.  Back when it was installed from a CD or you downloaded the program from Intuit or Amazon server (using an international IP address!) no issues.
    so I completely realize that this won't change, just airing some frustrations and venting -- I like Quicken and totally rely on the database to manage my finances.  It does have some limitations and there have been some negative changes in the past few years.  That can't be denied.  
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    You can blame the "security experts" for this one.

    The first I had heard of such things where with the financial institutions.
    Some of them started taking to blocking logins based on the IP address "country location".

    The idea is simple, block IP addresses from "countries with bad hackers".

    Of course, the reason I put security experts in quotes is because lots of times they come up with or hang on to processes that make no sense.  This is one of them.  IP addresses are easy to fake.  So, the "bad actors" will be faking their IP addresses anyways and the only people that will get caught by this are normal users that happen to be in this situation.

    So, how does this now apply to Quicken's login?
    Quicken servers have at least part of the user's data one it and pass credential information around.  Clearly, the IT/security people will be enforcing the same kind of rules.

    It is ironic that whenever anyone has a problem and is using VPN they are told to turn it off.  But if they are in a foreign country they are told to use one that gives out IP addresses that are "US based".
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