I would like to delete a transaction from a report but not from the register.

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Wanting to run income/expense report but need to not show transactons that pertain to previous year. Can I delete from my report but have it remain in the register record?


  • Sherlock
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    I suggest you customize the date range of the report.
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    Maybe you could explain in greater detail the nature of those "transactons that pertain to previous year?"  That would help determine how one might attack the problem.  Generally dealing with what I'm guessing are some sort of timing differences - maybe for income taxes? - involves "accruals" and "deferrals" of some sort, getting away from strictly "cash" accounting.
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    Deleting a transaction from a report deletes it from the register, so don't do that and there is NO preference setting to change that behavior.

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    Thank you
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