Override Downloaded Credit Card Categories?

Hi -

I have multiple credit cards and each one uses a different categorization scheme (or doesn't categorize at all). For example, Citibank believes Whole Foods transactions should be in the category "Groceries" while Chase believes that Safeway transactions should be in the category "Food & Dining:Groceries." I'd like both of those transactions to end up in the same Category without doing a lot of manual work. (Another example: Wells Fargo doesn't categorize Cvs at all, while Chase categorizes Cvs as "Health & Fitness:Pharmacy".

The main reason I'm downloading these at all is for better budget visibility so reasonably consistent categorization is important.

Is there a way to configure Quicken such that downloaded credit card transactions are categorized by payee based on rules or configuration I set up?

I've looked but so far come up empty.

Any help appreciated,


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