Downloaded Memo Fields Incorrect

I meticulously enter each and every credit card transaction when they happen with category, tag, and memo info in the Quicken Mobile app. This is, for me, the best use of the mobile app. I rarely use the Desktop app except when I have to (for tax, reconciliation, etc), and sync every time I use it.

With Quicken Mobile, it seems the app would match manual entries against downloaded entries from the credit card companies. But Quicken's rules for merging them are very unpredictable, and produce incorrect entries. I am finding I've lost data, or even worse, the data is populated with older/incorrect info (especially in tag and memo), so I have to work many times harder to correct all the info. Some data is just lost and unrecoverable. Financial software should not be changing or destroying meticulously entered data.

I had used PocketMoney and PocketQuicken (for iPhone) and would download the transactions to Quicken Desktop for reconciliation. The process has worked fine for decades.

What's going on with this app? Am I not using it the way it's intended? How can I fix these entries, if fixable?