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Intend to know how comprehensive is the analytics on investment portfolios. Can someone from Quicken or otherwise share a sample report?


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    Quicken Windows or Quicken Mac? The reports features are different.

    Is there something specific you're looking for? There are lots of ways to organize investment reporting, and no single sample report will touch on everything. 
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    I usually go to my broker's website and use their tools.  MUCH more reliable.  AND, works exactly the same from  PC, Mac, or mobile device. :D

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    There are certainly people on here that know more about the investment features in Quicken and in investing in general, but I’m with @NotACPA when talking about investing analytics.  To me Quicken seems more geared for answering questions like “what should I put on my taxes” than “how should I invest” or “how well are my investments doing”.

    Just jumping into the subject of “return” shows that Quicken and most brokers disagree on what that even means.
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