cc-800 with Alliant

Anybody have any of these? I have done the de-activate and re-activate fix. no go.


  • Quicken Janean
    Quicken Janean Moderator admin
    edited April 2022
    Hi @mitch.trumpetwin

    I am very sorry that you are experiencing this error and thank you for contacting Community. 

    Can you please clarify if restored a back up file after you deactivated your account? This error can occur when this happens. I have located a support article regarding this error with troubleshooting steps. When following these steps, please let me know if the issue continues to occur, so I can look into this further. Thanks! 

    Quicken Janean

    Quicken Janean

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  • mitch.trumpetwin
    mitch.trumpetwin Member ✭✭✭✭
    Hi Janean  ...  no backup restores.  I followed all the steps. To be honest Quicken is horrendous with Alliant Credit.
  • Quicken Jasmine
    Quicken Jasmine Moderator mod
    Hello @mitch.trumpetwin,

    Thank you for your response and for attempting those troubleshooting steps. 

    Due to the steps in the support article not reaching a resolution, we suggest that you reach out to Quicken Support for further assistance as they can do things such as screen share and walk you through troubleshooting steps in real-time. 

    The Quicken Support phone number can be found through this link here. Phone support is available from 5:00am PT to 5:00pm PT, Monday through Friday.

    Thank you. 

    -Quicken Jasmine

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