How do i choose the currency when entering a security

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In the past when entering a new security i had the option of choosing the currency. Now it automatically assigns it as a canadian dollar investment. I have found a way to make the change under tools and security list but this is a very convoluted way of changing currency. Why has the choice of choosing a currency been removed when i am making a manual addition to a security like a Call option or a put option.


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    Are you using the Canadian version of Quicken? Please go to Help > About Quicken and let us know what version you are running.

    When did you first notice this change?

    When creating a new manual security, US Quicken defaults to the currency you have set to your Home currency in the Currency List but as you note you can change a security's currency from the Security list or under Edit Details in the Security Detail view. 

    You would think that if you create a manual security from within an account that does not use your Home currency, it would use the account's currency for the new security, but apparently not.
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    Also note that in any 1 account there can be only a single currency.  So if you hold securities with more than 1 currency, you need more than 1 investment account.
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    Sonalimundkur said: In the past ......
    ok..... you are posting to the QWindows section - but your profile indicates QMac ?
    also you are commenting on Canada dollars - so what exactly are you using ....
    - US or Canada
    - Windows or MAC ?

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