Which brokers can download CRYPTO to Quicken?

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I've been told that Quicken cannot provide a list of brokers who can download to Quicken. The only option is to try each company in 'add account'. My intent is to OPEN an account with a broker who I can download, so having to enter each and every broker is daunting and not at all the answer unless I first open an account with all brokers so I have login info to find out if they are actually downloadable to Quicken. The problem with that method: I do have an account with BlockFi. When I tried to add my account to Quicken, it appeared as if it was compatible because it came up when I searched, but when I entered my login info, it just gave a generic "oops" error. I had to call Quicken to learn that, even though it came up in their list, they were not yet compatible. That means to know for sure, I'd have to open an broker account before I can learn if it will work with Quicken. I was told that Quicken agents have such a list, but I would have to call and ask about each broker I'd be interested in. There has to be a better way!! Why not share that list with Quicken users?


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    If you open C:\ProgramData\Quicken\Inet\Common\Localweb\Banklist\2019\fidir.txt with Notepad, you can search for the broker's name.
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    Fidelity Investments is my broker and Vanguard downloads into Q also.

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    BlockFi is a "crypto broker".  Quicken doesn't support cryptocurrencies at this time.

    From the few posts I have seen on this at times Quicken has had the ability to download from BlockFi for accounts like credit cards, but never from brokerage accounts.  And even downloading from credit card accounts has been reported as broken at times.  A search of this forum for BlockFi will show you some of those threads.

    Quicken supports most of the main brokerages, but none of them would be for cryptocurrencies.
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    I can also recommend Vanguard and Fidelity. Note that some 401(k) accounts do not support downloading even though the brokers that administer them support downloading for taxable and IRA/Roth accounts.
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    E*Trade Investments offers free Direct Connect to Quicken. They are in the FI list as Quicken E*Trade.
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    If you go through the list, there's over 100 brokerages which currently download using Direct Connect. So you still have a way to go to narrow the list to find a broker that works (the list can be wrong or not fully updated).
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    If your real question and brokerage focus is on Crypto- that is a very specific Q&A due to Crypto being tracked with several decimal places that are not normal for Quicken 
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