Is there a 2-Year subscription option (or longer) available anymore?

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I bought a 2-year subscription a couple of years ago but I can only find a 1-year subscription now. Any 2-year subscriptions out there?


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    I don't think they exist anymore.  I bought one for Quicken 2018, but haven't seen any since then.
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    Haven't seen one for quite a while.

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    So, Quicken Renewal cost has essentially DOUBLED now that it is only for a (1) one year membership!
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    @krmanr  Quicken's recent price increase for Quicken Deluxe went from $52 per year to $60 per year. That's a hefty 15% increase, but it's nowhere near double.

    When Quicken switched to subscription pricing in fall 2017, the price of Quicken Deluxe was $49.99. In fall 2020, there was a small increase from $49.99 to $52.99. And now the increase is from $51.99 to $59.88. So it's now 20% more than it was five years ago. While that's not a trivial increase, it's not significantly higher than the costs of other products and services over those five years. 

    There haven't been two-year subscriptions for a couple years now, I believe. There also used to be a lot of discounting of Quicken, and they've been moving to remove rampant discounting from the retail chain.

    That said, you can still find a boxed copies of Quicken Deluxe for the $51.99 price (such as at Amazon), so you can buy a retail copy and use it to extend your current subscription once you're within 6 months of the end of your subscription. I don't know how the retail prices will be once the current "$4.99/month billed annually" pricing becomes uniform, but for now at least, you can beat the price increase.
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    FYI, just bought Quicken Deluxe DVD at Office Depot for $42+tax i.e. $10 off old pricing.  Sale ends 6/18/2022.  It looks like Staples and Best Buy have similar offer.  I was able to extend my subscription another year for an existing user.

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    It is interesting that for a while now Amazon hasn't been the best place to buy.  Currently they have $5 off the retail ( price for the Premier version where Office Depot, Staples and Best Buy all have $10 off of Deluxe and $15 off of Premier.

    BTW buying from might cause another problem besides price.  When you buy from it does the activation immediately.  But you can only extend your subscription if you are within 90 days of it expiring.  So, if you are trying to lock in today's price for the future you might not be able to do it.  If you buy from a retail store, they give you an activation code which shouldn't expire before you subscription expires (I believe it is one year before they expire).
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