Questions about upgrading Cash Manager 2012 Canada to Deluxe for Windows

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I've been a Quicken user since 1995 and it's finally time to upgrade my Cash Manager 2012 Windows to a current subscription so I can download transactions. Bank downloads do not work for this old copy. I have read many posts but still have a few questions. I am running Windows 10 and CM2012 my QDF file is 45 MB and contains transactions all the way back to 1995.

Q1) where is the correct place to buy the Deluxe? If I choose "Buy Quicken" from the tabs above, it seems to be the US version and looks to be discounted price. If I go to and don't sign in I'm not seeing an online discounted price.
Q2) when I buy/download Deluxe will it detect my CM2012 and upgrade that to current? Will it convert my CM2012 data file including the old transactions to 1995?
Q3) Will the upgrade preserve the bank and credit card accounts in my CM2012 or will I (am I better to) recreate them?
Thanks for your help.


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