Does Quicken for Windows have a hypothetical portfolio tool?

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Does Quicken have a tool to back test investment portfolio ideas?

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  • Tom Young
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    No, it does not.  That's well beyond the scope of a retail-level personal accounting program. 
    Quicken has added to its investment-related kit of tools over the years (it started out as a "checkbook" program) but nothing approaches what you're asking for and tools like that call for considerable horsepower, programmatically.

    I guess you could take your file, copy it - maybe several times - and test out a few different scenarios by deleting transactions and adding other transactions, but that could be labor-intensive, and maybe less than satisfactory.
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    You can set up a manual investing account and mark it Separate so it doesn't affect your real results. The Return (%) columns use downloaded performance data and include reinvested dividends.
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    My answer would be a bit different than @Tom Young's, and would start with a question.

    Are the current portfolio view values and investment reports good enough to get the information you seek for a real portfolio?

    Because it is certainly possible to create a hypothetical portfolio in Quicken, the real question is if Quicken has tools to do the analysis that you want, and you have not specified what analysis you want to perform.
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    @tbf47 - Have you looked at "Tools" in the "Investments" tab?

    I didn't see where you mentioned what Quicken version you have, but this investment tool list is from Quicken Premier.
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