question about reconciliaton - with future dated transactions

I often record future payments in my Quicken account register to manage cash needs. I use the "paper" reconciliation. When reconciling, any recorded transactions beyond the current date are excluded. I would like the reconciliation window to open thru the latest recorded transaction date in the register, not the current date, which then I have to adjust each time. Is there a default setting to make that happen?


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    Your only option is to enter a later closing date, but I don't understand why you would want to have these future transactions clutter up the reconcile window since they don't have anything to do with the current reconciliation.  Their CLR status should be blank in all cases since they haven't happened yet and there is no way they would have cleared, "C", the financial institution yet.

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    Hi @Richard Stew,

    The answer to your question - in a word - is no.  If you reconcile to a paper statement, you are required to enter the statement date manually each time you reconcile.  And, as you probably know, reconciling to an online balance always defaults to the current date, so that won't work either.



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    Elaborating: To RECONCILE is to compare. 
    You're comparing that paper statement to your account in Q.  Anything recorded in Q that after the as-of date in the statement can't possibly have a counterpart on the statement, so why would you want to include such Q transactions in your reconciliation?

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  • Sherlock
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    There is no default setting to make that happen but you may specify any ending date.
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    Richard Stew said: I often record future payments in my Quicken account register to manage cash needs.
    nope - you are working with a historical COMPARE action - and you are looking for a Cash Flow result

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