Budget Disappeared.



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    Staying on Quicken Premier local R40.21 and just updated my accounts today: manual entry, QFX imports, One Step Update. Then complete backup to local drive while staying on Budgets tab. All is still good at this point.
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    Good! When I backup, like you, I visualize my budgets by staying on budgets tab. So far, so good. Thanks for update.
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    Hello All,

    Thank you for taking the time to report this issue to the Community, although we apologize for any frustration or inconvenience experienced.

    This issue is a bug that has been reported to our Development and Product teams for further investigation and resolution. Though we do not currently have an ETA, once a solution is created it will be made available as part of a future release.

    In the meantime we recommend restoring a backup to restore any lost budgets and turning cloud sync OFF to prevent the issue from reoccurring.

    Thank you!
    -Quicken Anja
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    I've been able to complete re-entering my budget a few days ago. I backed up literally every ten minutes using the "add time to backup name" checkbox. One thing I did, and NO IDEA if this made a difference, is turn off Acronis* malware checking for the Quicken data folder/directory. This was the only thing I could think off that might be accessing the Quicken file and having some kind of impact. As noted in prior posts I also wait until well after computer has started to make sure all startup tasks, files checks of any sort if any have completed. So far, ok. Only my newly entered 2022 budget is showing and all older budgets lost. I also did a couple of super verifies along the way but no difference in results there. I'm able to go back into Planning/Budget and run budget report.

    Of course as soon as I post this I'll probably lose my budget.

    * I use Acronis Cyberprotect Home for my backup software. It backs everything up to cloud nightly but NOT during day and I have my all my Quicken files locally on C: drive with no replication/cloud or other stuff running. Acronis does have a malware detection tool and as noted I've turned that off for Quicken directory.
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    Received this email, which may be a positive development. Looking for insight/opinions on whether this is legit... I hesitate to confer or provide access to my Quicken files which are loaded with personal financial info as well as access info to various financial accounts for webconnect downloads/exports, etc.

    "Dear Quicken user,

    I am Kuldeep and I work with Quicken Product development team. We have been informed that you’re noticing issue where your budget is getting disappeared from Quicken.

    We’re trying to reproduce the problem but it is not clear how to end up in that state. Hence we’re reaching out to you for help in reproducing the problem and have a debugging session.

    If you’re willing to have a meeting with us then kindly provide your availability schedule for next week and we will setup suitable time for us to meet. We are located in India hence your morning or evening time would be preferred as time zones are at least 11-12 hours apart.

    Thank you!

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    I received same. Arranging to speak with them. I’ve done so in the past on other issues. Doubt they are going to want any direct access to your files. They can’t solve an issue without our help.
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    mtn_Living: Thanks. I'll do the same.
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    To mobleyw: Should I move to R41.10? My R40.21 has been pretty solid so far as far as retaining my Budgets with normal account updating methods of importing QFX files and One Step Updates. I just stay on the Planning/Budgets tab when performing complete local backups.

    I see that you and mtn_living are in discussions with Quicken Support Product Development. Best of luck with that.
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    I am not yet in discussions. We have corresponded about an appropriate time to "meet" virtually and I have emailed them my detailed description of the problem. I remain quite insecure about any well-defined measures I would recommend to solve this budget disappearing issue. I continue to back up my file with my budget tab open with budget visualized very frequently so I can assure "support" that it was there when I backed it up. (Support has argued in the past that I did something to erase my budgets prior to backups and the only solution is to recreate them). I restore a backup (with budgets open and visualized) to my laptop weekly. It has never failed to show my budgets when that tab is opened. I will try to keep you posted if I correspond with Quicken eventually and I am made aware that this "bug", as they define it, has been eliminated.
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    Sooo....yesterday I sent off a very detailed log of my Quicken activity over the weekend to the engineers to look at. Unfortunately, not sure it's going to be a lot of help. Here is a very abbreviated version of what occurred:

    1) On 6/28 I recreated budget from scratch and my budget is fairly involved so it took a lot of time. I changed my backup strategy to add "time" to the backup. I backed up literally every few minutes. All good, budget entered successfully and retained.
    2) On 7/1 I did one step update, a few category corrections, accepting transactions, etc. Did a backup.
    3) On 7/3 I went to do normal stuff in Quicken and checked budgets, "No budgetable categories", poof budget gone. Note that I regularly now don't access Quicken unless computer has been up and running for an hour to make sure all startup background tasks are completed - no idea if this is making any difference.
    4) Restored the 7/1 backup and budget still missing
    5) Restored last 6/28 backup and all good budget was there.
    6) Did a one step update and everything from 629 onward downloaded again. One checking and four credit card accounts; budget fine. From this point on backed up literally every few steps of work.
    7) Accepted and recategorized where needed 3 accounts; checking and two credits cards, all good, budget fine.
    8) One the fourth credit card account accepted and changed a few categories, checked budget and poof - budget gone.
    9) Restored the backup done at end of step #7 and budget was there, all good
    10) Redid the exact steps I had done in the final credit card account and checked; budget fine. Hmmm....why didn't I lose budget this time with exactly the same sequence of events?  The only thing I did differently was individually accept each transaction rather than an "accept all." Suspect but don't know that this wasn't much impact.
    11) I then did it over again; restored the backup from step #7 and again went through same sequence in the last credit card account and again budget fine. I also made sure the same programs (Outlook and Edge) were running in background on my machine. 

    I've been working along since then, doing backups very very frequently and have not lost budget since; sure I will today now that I've typed that!!!

    The only change I made on my machine was to look carefully at my anti-malware, anti-virus software. I have Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office running and Norton 360. Acronis had been doing a malware check of programs that were running; I changed the setting to only do a malware check when a program (.exe) file first loads. I made sure Norton 360 only set to do scans when computer idle - I think it had been set that way anyways. I don't have any cloud synching going on with my C: folders containing all my Quicken data files.

    So, I was able to end up with a backup from step 7 when everything was good and a backup from step 8 just after budget disappeared. I've offered this to engineers to look at to see if they can tell anything from those files.

    Not sure what all this means but some suspicions;
    - it doesn't, at least in this case, appear to be the sequence of actions/transactions that caused the loss of budgets.
    - maybe maybe it is something outside of Quicken that's interacting with Quicken in a bad way????

    I am continuing to do very frequent backups when I'm working with Quicken and now fairly confident that I can restore from those backups if my budget again disappears.

    FYI: I'm working on latest Quicken Premier for Windows update, I've had budgets disappear in all the past year or two versions so not really convinced it's a version issue.

  • dzf22k
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    I believe that something, perhaps a particular chain/sequence of events, somehow disrupts the internal QDF file directory section associated with the storage of created Budgets. I don't believe that I saw a reduction in size of the QDF file after loss of the Budgets which likely means that the directory structure for the Budgets was instead corrupted leaving Quicken to presume that no Budgets existed...yet the data was probably still in there, just not assessible.

    It might be helpful for Quicken Support to analyze a "disappeared Budget" QDF backup providing them with the names of the missing (formerly visible) Budgets to see if they are still there. Maybe a Budget report as well.
  • mtn_living
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    My pre-budget loss backup file is only 8 bytes smaller in size than the post budget loss backup file and those characters may just be the info I added in categories or accepted transactions that occurred between good and bad budget situation. 
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    To mtn_living and dsf22k:
    Here are my past observations I recently conveyed to Mr. Singh, the Quicken engineer in India.
    My observations:
    1. My problem seems to occur when I “restore” from a backup.
    2. Despite turning off cloud backup, I notice after a “restore” that a cloud back-up sequence occurs.
    3. I then check again and confirm that cloud backup is turned off = the “Off” check box is checked.
    4. Immediately after the “Restore” and the back-up, I get a notice that my budgets are no accessible/available – or something to that affect.
    4. If I close and re-open Quicken I get an invitation to create a new budget(s)
    5. Restoring again from backups in the distant past where I am sure my budgets existed persistently fails to show my budgets.
    6. **I am certain that the budgets are contained in the files because the same backups restored on my laptop show all of my budgets.
    7. I have always avoided the Quicken cloud backup, and rely solely on my backups located on my high capacity thumb drive which contains backups for several months.
    8. I was able to regain access to my budgets by restoring a past backup file with my internet access turned off. This has worked multiple times in the past, but has also failed to work sporadically as well, still leaving me with a file which shows budgets on my laptop, but not on my PC.

    So, to the extent that the exact same data file restored on my laptop showsmy budgets which are visible upon a "restore" on my PC would seem to confirm, per dzf22k, "... that the data was still in there"

    I continue to backup after every Quicken encounter while viewing the budget in real time on my PC. I have not turned off and restarted Quicken on the PC fearing a loss of budgets. I try earnestly to avoid restores of data files on the PC. When I restore weekly to my laptop for a second set of backups, that seems to proceed flawlessly, though, perhaps out of superstitions, I do turn off internet (wifi) access to avoid my perceived association with Quicken Cloud backups which happen with restores, even when the cloud backup option is clicked "OFF".
  • mtn_living
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    I also get a little bit of seeming Quicken cloud synch activity when I restore despite having all cloud stuff turned off in Quicken. Briefly says synching accounts. Has not impacted my ability to successfully restore from a timely backup to get back to budget ok state.

    I am intrigued at the difference results on your two machines. Have you taken a detailed look at Task Manager or other windows process tools to see the difference between what’s running on each machine. For example, virus defense software? Cloud related software? (Dropbox, etc) or anything else that might be touching either quicken program or data? Also, just to rule it out, have you done a recent check of laptop drive for errors and optimized it?
  • YTilahun
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    Hi... I just landed on this page to find a solution to why I keep losing my budget. This is a problem I've had for quite some time. It is so frustrating. Now I back up every, few transactions. I even upgraded my dropbox account from free to paid version because I was running out of space with backup on the free version. And I have been a quicken user since 1991.

    Dear Quicken Tech support. I know without our help you won't be able to find a solution. Please let me know what I can do to help.

    I am just heartbroken, by how Quicken can't seem to understand the loss of the faith most of us have in the product.

  • mobleyw
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    I started this particular thread on June 15, my first serious venture into "Quicken Community" support.

    Prior to June 15 I had lost my budgets on several occasions, usually resulting from a "Restore" or rarely from just closing and re-opening Quicken on a different day. I have spent several hours on the phone with Quicken support in the past with 1 of 2 results: 1) I am informed that I erased my budgets, they are not there, and the only solution is to recreate them, this after several attempts at validation, super-validations, updates, etc etc. OR 2: we somehow stumble on a past backup where magically and seemingly randomly the budgets re-appear with a Restore.

    Prior to June 15, I also stumbled on many past Quicken discussion forums x years which were closed before any viable solution was published. Hence I started the new one on June 15. There are now many participants and a Quicken engineer has contacted me and mtn_living for our observations in an effort to recreate the issue and perhaps resolve this "bug" as they call it.

    Most participants have now expressed considerable frustrations with the longevity and recurrent nature of the issue. Many have contributed insights and observations to the extent that perhaps there is now a concerted effort by Quicken to resolve it. I suggest all participants review the previous posts and contribute additional insights that might allow Quicken engneers to solve this issue with our input.

    Here are my observations to date from my personal experience and the observations of others in this thread:
    1. Even though the Quicken files, upon restore, fail to show the budget on one of my computers, the same file restored to my other computer WITH MY WIFI-INTERNET CONNECTION TURNED OFF shows the budgets upon restore. The budgets are there - they just don't show up after Restore when I have an internet connection. I am not a computer expert in any sense, but I have been using Quicken since 2005 and losing budgets x years. I have convinced myself that the Quicken connection to the internet is associated with this issue.
    2. It is noteworthy that even though I have NEVER backed up Quicken to any cloud server, and I have purposefully "unchecked all boxes" in Quicken to prevent any cloud connection or backup, I still visualize a Quicken Cloud backup sequence during the "Restore" process before I am notified that I now have no budgets, etc.
    3. This observation was corroborated this AM as follows:
    I have been "Restoring" my most recent backup file on my Thumb Drive from my PC to my laptop weekly in order to have a second source for my budgets when they disappear on my PC. I did so this morning and noted...
    Upon opening Quicken on my Laptop while connected to the internet (I simply forgot to disconnect after the automatic default connect) that my budgets disappeared on my laptop - and I received the usual "no budgets message".
    4. Upon closing and reopening Quicken on the Laptop while disconnected from my Wi-Fi, I was cordially invited to create a new budget, etc...
    5. Noting that my budget was readily visible on my PC, I backed it up as usual to my thumb drive.
    6. My laptop remained disconnected from my internet and I restored that most recent PC Quicken backup to my Laptop
    7. All budgets appeared. I am now back to having 2 Quicken files showing budgets for now.
    8. I am therefore convinced (maybe wrongly due to digital naivete) that this "bug"
    erroneously connects to Quicken online, during a Restore, even when all boxes are "unchecked" to
    prevent online cloud connections, online backups, and online restores
    disconnecting from my internet and restoring from my Thumb drive results in the restore file
    normally visualizing all of my budgets

    I hope this summary of this discussion thread and my observations helps all participants as well as the interested Quicken engineers. We are all desperate for a solution.
  • mtn_living
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    I too see the fairly brief notice about Quicken cloud synching to Quicken online when I restore files even though I have all quicken online/synching turned off in Quicken. It has had zero impact on my ability to restore a backup made while budgets working fine. Therefore, I doubt (but don’t completely discount) your theory that this is tied to budget loss. I have sent screen shots of this happening to Quicken anyways because it’s weird behavior.

     We seem to have slightly different symptoms in that I have no issue restoring a backup with good budgets. As note in prior posts I now run a backup every few steps in Quicken to try to capture issues. Note also my internet connection is always active.

    Heartily endorse call to others losing budgets to carefully document what steps preceded budget loss. Some things I’ve found helpful:
    1) Set backup scheme to add time to backup and back extremely often, like even every ten minutes.
    2) If you lose budget can you successfully restore your pre-loss backup and is budget there? You can check by regularity going into planning tab.
    3) Are you running your main Quicken data file on any sort of cloud synch folder or drive (e.h. OneDrive, DropBox, ICloud for Windows?). Always a bad idea.
    4) What else might be tapping your files? What’s running in background? What anti-virus/malware?
    6) If you can successfully restore from a backup; can you repeat exactly the steps before budget loss and do you lose budget again? What are those steps?
    7) what version of Quicken? What computer operating system? Hard drive or SSD? What cloud software if any? What anti-virus?

    This type of info and other concrete insights are going to help figure out this issue. Griping about your loss of faith in Quicken isn’t. They know about problem and are acutely interested in fixing but it seems a very squirrelly bug —  possibly from interaction with something outside Quicken.
  • mobleyw
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    I have quite a few bank and credit card accounts which I update regularly in Quicken. I backup after updating each account, often more than once every day, generally due to this issue. When I do the backup, I open the Planning Tab and visualize the budgets to assure myself (and any Quicken support person) that I did not erase my budgets prior to backup, which has been claimed in the past.
    Ref #2 above: Yes, if I change computers (and (superstitiously??) turn off the wifi.)
    Ref #3: I use OneDrive to backup many files on my PC to keep my laptop and PC in sync. BUT - never Quicken - I have confirmed more than once that there are no Quicken files on my OneDrive.
    REf#4: I use the "default" Microsoft security software that comes with Windows 11 only. It checks for malware frequently and updates itself frequently.
    Ref #6: Next time I lose a budget I will try to document more steps and info
    Ref#7: Laptop and PC identical, but installed at different times: Version 41.19. Build, Windows 11 Enterprise.

    Agree: there are subtle differences in our symptoms, but I still suspect a common culprit. With some additional effort we can hopefully find a common link.

    Regarding the association with the Quicken cloud backup sequence, at the least this would seem to be a separate issue, if not associated with the disappearing budgets. I don't like the idea of my data being backed up to a Quicken server somewhere without my permission, having specifically opted out of that service purposefully.
  • mtn_living
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    Totally agree on the last point, it's weird and I'm not even sure that much data is being cloud uploaded to Quicken. If I go into Quicken online there seems to be account names and balances and nothing else. I'm not even sure if this is current info or left over from when I did try to use Quicken online though I think the former as it looks close. There doesn't seem to be an option in Quicken online to wipe out all info but it definitely doesn't think I've set it up as it's asking me to enable it in the desktop software.

    BTW: for the record; I also use OneDrive for some stuff but no Quicken folders/files. Also have Icloud/Drive for Windows and DropBox running but not for Quicken stuff.
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    I was prompted to move my comments from another thread to this one as apparently Quicken cares to solve this longstanding problem.
    I have been losing budget data for over a year.  It seems to occur during/after memory intensive tasks such as category changes, investment portfolio view changes/xray.  Most recently lost it apparently because I added a new report.  I have seen quicken reps and super users weigh in from time to time but either they can't figure out what should be an easy fix or they are not interested.
    My safeguard has been to perform very frequent backups.  Some times when I restore to recover lost budget the first time it does not work, but sometimes the 2nd or 3rd time the same restore file will work.
    Today I almost finished manually inputting my budget data, backing up each time I had done a large category, however I just got the message that I have exceeded my data set limit whatever that means and that i have to contact quicken support, but they won't open until tomorrow/Monday.
    Quicken keeps adding insignificant "improvements" while they can't deliver a reliable quality experience of the essential capabilities.  This problem has been registered by many users for a long time, but it is not even acknowledged in their " know problems" tabs.  VERY FRUSTRATING.
    Wish there were alternatives.  Until this is fixed I am a Non-Promoter!
    Oh yeah, I get perfect validates, super validates etc.
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    Have same problem Mtn-living.  It should be an easy fix to better associate the budget with the file.
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    I'm now working on my desktop PC (Windows 10 Home V:21H2) with Quicken Premier R36.57. Brought my local backups on my Sandisk flash drive and copied them to my local rotating drive D. Opened the latest backup that contained my Budgets which restored to my current local desktop directory. Everything appeared to be normal including my Budgets so I began inputting transactions manually as well as importing QFX files from some of my financial institutions. I had not performed a One Step Update as yet but as I was importing one of my QXF files upon completion (Accept All downloaded transactions) there was a brief popup of the "No Budgetable Accounts" whereupon I immediately checked the Planning tab and my Budgets were gone. This problem for me now seems to be version independent as it has happened with R36.57, R40.21, R41.10.

    It seems that I must be signed in to Quicken to be able to import downloaded QXF files. After restoring my most current QDF backup file with working Budgets, I did not sign in to my Quicken account upon startup. My local running version still showed my Quicken ID and Membership valid date. It would not let me import the QFX files without signing in. So I signed in and then imported the first of my two QFX files. Upon completion of the import, Quicken popped up an Activate One Step Update setup request for the Account with Yes/No/Activate/Cancel options. I cancelled the pop up without selecting either Yes/No option. I then disabled my network card to suspend my Internet connection before attempting to import the second QFX file. It would not import replying "Quicken is currently unable to verify the financial institution information for this download. Please try again later." I then enabled the network card and imported the second QFX file. All imports were done while remaining on the Planning tab displaying my active Budget. The Activate One Step Update popup occurred at the end of the second file import and I again clicked the Cancel button. I then downloaded another QXF file from another institution and imported that file. Upon completion this time I selected the NO option which toggled the Activate button to Close which I clicked next to exit the popup. I'm now wondering if Cancelling the Activate One Step Update without selecting NO may be a contributing factor. I'm going to use the NO and Close option on the Activate One Step Update popups for any future import of QFX files and see what happens. Budgets are intact for now after reviewing the Accounts to Accept All of the downloaded transactions from the three QFX file imports.
  • ramona.meirow
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    There are no specific circumstances that cause this problem. I take a few hours to create a budget. It seems like it is going well for a bit then I will go to look at my budget and it is unavailable or disappears or says there are no budgetable categories. All my categories are still there. I have no idea what lead up to this happening. I use Quicken every day but don't look at my budget every day. Nor do I look to see if the budget is still there and working after every key stroke. Any suggestions I am aware of that Quicken has offered, I have tried, and it doesn't make a difference. The same problem comes back. A lot of people seem to have this problem, so I find it hard to believe Quicken cannot duplicate it.

    Since this problem has been happening to me for at least a year, I imagine other people have been experiencing the same thing too for quite a while and are feeling frustrated and ignored.

    I am willing to work with Quicken if they can come up with more things to try to fix the problem or send a list of all the things that should have been tried up to this point to make sure I and other users are aware of all the possible fixes and make sure we try them all.
  • Alex140
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    I feel everyone's pain. I have had the problem since May, but it became significantly worse this week after the last update.

    Windows 11Pro v10.0.22000. Quicken R42.8

    I use two files daily but only one of them has the budget problem. It is the oldest, largest file.

    Per my call with support yesterday I moved the file from "This PC" which I learned was actually on Onedrive to my Local user folder with no change in behavior

    My backup folder is on OneDrive

    I have set backups in Preferences to backup at every close. And I close the file several times a session particularly after any heavy changes.

    Running Supervalidate broke the link to my budgets today. Three times.

    Experienced multiple crashes today after navigating from the Home tab to the Planning Tab

    Also, when uploading documents: the dialogue window is strange: see below. black boxes instead of icons and a blank navigation bar on the left side.

    Here is what I have surmised so far: the budget is still there; just a link to it is broken. Restoring directly from the last backup brings the budget back until I break it again. Ughhhh.
  • mtn_living
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    Some strategies I’ve been using, and yes I know not everyone has patience form this:
    1) I checked the box in backups to add time to backups
    2) I use CTRL B very very often to make frequent backups, like every ten minutes or ten or so transaction. I have an SDD so even with a very large data file a backup just takes a few seconds. My backups go into a Backups folder within my quickendata folder. Then Acronis does a nightly backup of all my data to Cloud. I do not do any other cloud backup of this stuff.
    3) I have been able to restore backups with budget intact.
    4) When the number of backups gets ridiculous I go in and deleted older ones making sure I’m keeping the most recent backups that have good budgets in them.
    4) I too have had some fairly random crashes lately, one yesterday just doing a one step update. I’ve validated file and everything appears ok.

    Since we all seem to feel that budget is still in the file and somehow Quicken loses a pointer to it wish they could add some kind of budget error checking and repair to Validate or Super Validate, at least as a stop-gap.

    1) what cloud drive software are people using? Several have mentioned OneDrive. I use OneDrive, Dropbox and Icloud. I uninstalled Dropbox yesterday and then reinstalled it because of windows error log items related to Dropbox. Did not fix those problems but otherwise running fine.
    2) what anti-virus/malware software are folks running? I run primarily Norton360, had been running Acronis’ protection software as well but turned that off to make sure no conflicts between the two. I also check to make sure Windows Defender and security stuff is configured correctly and it appears to be and recognizes Norton doing the work.

  • CMRater
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    Yes to budget validate & recover feature.  Should be simple.  What do you think Quicken?

    Would also like to see them share what they are doing/trying to address the issue.  Have they reached out to people like us to form a help group to help them figure this out.  I think we would all volunteer.  Just give us some signal that you are working on it even if it is to just help us understand why this is not an easy fix.  Something.....Please!
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    Something to consider while waiting for Quicken to address this issue.  I have disabled express web connect accounts in the One Step Update option.  After last restore, I got the dreaded CC-800 error on the few accounts I left in that status.  From my experience, this increases the chances of losing budget data.  Direct connect accounts work perfectly.  Wish all had this connection option.  For all non-direct connect account, I will download individually which is far less painful than risking more budget data losses.

    Another interesting phenomenon is that I have had my budgets for the last 2 days.  Was successfully running budget reports.  But when I went into the planning tab where modify the budget it was gone.  Restored file from a few minutes earlier and it was there.  Interesting how the report function would work fine, but to enter into the budget tab it failed.  After restore was able to modify budget.

    I am now trying to leave the Planning Tab from the Tax Center sub-tab to see if the budget disappears less because of some possible quirk that over stresses Quicken to go directly to Budgets when entering Planning Main Tab.
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    To report back, Leaving from the Tax Center sub-tab did not prevent loss of budget data.  Sorry!
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